The Tri-Crown Pharaonate

The Tri-crown pharaonate is build on the banks of the river Nálar and the delta it opens up to before reaching the sea. From the river it draws its life and it’s banks are teeming with trees and bushes. An irrigation system brings the water to the bountyful farmland. These natural riches gave way to the great city’s with its large constructs honoring it’s rulers and gods. there are plenty of pyramids, Obelisks and elaborate temples to be found. The dessert is seen as the chaos that must be thamed by the civilization of the pharonate. Through the millenia complete cities have been reclaimed by the desert.These ciies and all their treasures are forgotten by the living. Waiting to be rediscovered. The desert is tremendous dangerous with unpredictible sandstorms. Also it is full with dangerous creatures with at the pinnicale the giant sandwurm.

The pharonate is positioned left of the star sea and cotains all te land till you reach the Tall-Batu mountains and The sea of sand. The nation just has come out of the War of the eternal. It ended with the destruction of the immortal tyrant that had ruled the sands of the Pharonate for centuries with his undead legions.

One becomes three
Now the ones great paharonate is split in tree smaller regions each ruled by its own pharao. Each whearing one of the tree parts of the originale crown of the Pharonate. The pharonate gets its name from this fact. The pharonate contains three seperatly ruled regions:

  • Khem
  • Khus
  • Nur

Each of these regions has its own capital but the three pharaos reguarly gather in the city of Amarnis to solve problems that afect them all or to recieve foreign dignitaries that have buiness with the hole of the pharonate.That the land is split in three so that the different pharaos can watch and restrain each other so that a disaster as the rule of the undead pharao mendhjet cant hapen again, is just one of the major changes in the country.

The change of the role of the undead rulers
One other major change was that the magic and rituals that where developed by the cult of Anubis to resurect the worthy nobility after dead to life everlastingwas deemed flawed. The flaw was that the soul was removed from the body and because of this the sahu (higher self part of the soul) coulden’t influence the mind of the mummy any longer. This was deemed the reason that the old immortal royalty had a penchant to do selfish compasionless acts. So a new way of becoming immortal was designed to be able to let the pharaonate profit from the skills of the worthy. And so was the ritual of circumgation created to become a new type of immortal who wasent seperated from his soul the Necropolitan.

The old royal mummies status changed from once absolute rulers who caried the legacy of the pharonate through the ages, to mistrusted powerful potential tyrants that could destroy their mortal subjects on a whim with their power. To prevent a further destabilization of society the The gates of duat where created. Their duty is to watch the immortals and if they fall to evil destroy the phylancatries that store the 5 parts of its soul and with it destroy its immortality. In exchange for the controle of their phylancatries and being monitored by the gates of duat the old mummys could stay part of society. Some chose destruction over the humiliation of being deliverd to the whim of mortals. Others reluctantly accept the situation and s part of this group try to get controle over their phylancantries and be free of mortal controle.

To the dismay of the gates of duat not al Noble mummies are found yet and al of them had lower Mummys who guarded their tombs and hidden treasurers. Any number of them may be activated and work for their lords and ladies to return the controle of their destinies to them.

The right to become one of the immortal mummies became not one of birthright but one of merit. You must show uniek capabilities, knowledge our courage deserving of becoming eternal. There are goverment institutes in al three nations that offer education to all who are deemed worthy (or who have enough money) to become educated in the basic requierments of becomming one of the new immortals and provide an environment to reach to become extrodinary and with that convince the council conisiting of the cult of anubis, the three pharao’s (or their representatifs), the gates of duat and one of the old royal immortals to deem the candidate worth of immortality.

God’s blood running in the streets
The most felt change is the murder of the goddess Isis in the streets of amarnis by Irsu, hence known as the god killer. Irsu was under the influence of the god Ba’al who gave him the god forged blade Draughnipur that could even kill a God. Hence the gods who walked the streets and sand of the pharonate freely seem to have retreated to their divine abodes. Only the goddess Pasht is rumored to frequently walk the streets of the city of her name Per-Pasht and directly meddle in the life of mortals.

Order vs. chaos
The Tri-crown pharonate is showing it’s power by building. With this they want to show that they can push back the chaos of the dessert with the order of their cities, tempels and aquaducts. and with this bring order to a chaotic world. This meets resistance from the inhabitants of the desert who see their habitat further encrouched.

A nother problem is the unrest on the colonized island nation of Sokhar who’s resources supported the pharaonate. But now a revolution seems to be brewing. The sokharans have laid there hands on a strange armor that has rebalanced the scales of power. Battle seems inevitable.

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The Tri-Crown Pharaonate

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