The Dust

East of the sea of stars, south of Jamilla, You find a wind haunted valley withdry cracked plains. it’s called the dust. Its a mostly flat plain surrounded by mountains. The flat scenery is most often broken by mount like rocks or molten glass. The winds almost permanently blows, sending an almost permanent dust clouds roling over the plain. The local inhabitants protect themselves from the sand by covering their nose and mouth with cloth. At the center of the plain their is a two mile deeper hole with a crystal structure at its center. This structure is most likely a remnant of the starfall and made the dust plains as they are now.

The local inhabitants live in the larger rock formations that dot the landscape of the dust. here they live mostly protected from the dust where they raise their cattle and grow their crops and scavenge for relics to use or sell to traders from Jamilla.

On the plains you can still find metallic robotic constructs perfoming tasks for masters who where probably destroyed in The Starfall. Some legends that are said to originate from the dragons and Giants who’s empires ruled Pash-Mara before the starfall spoke of a tiny race that came from the stars that setteled in wat is now called the dust. Some artificers and archeologists go on expidition into the dust looking for artifacts of this lost civilization to study and even revers-engineer them. The biggest dream of these scientists is to find a ship that could take them to the stars.

Their is a mountain range on the southernmost edge of the dust where it ends at the sea of stars. In this mountain range there is one mountain there is a strangely build construct that could be the settelment of the lost civilization that build the robots that are now are aimlesly traversing the dust.

Major locations

The Dust

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