Suraghani orbs

Wonderous item, legendary (requiers attunement by a monk)

These metallic orbs are seemingly inert paperweights with intricate designs. They are difficult to move and when moved more than 10 feet from the others they refused to be moved any further like an unmovable rod. The Orbs must be attuned by meditating on the place where they are found. Once attuned the orbs begin to levitate, and remain within arm’s reach of their owner at all times. When subtlety is required the orbs can be commanded to cling to each other and hang around the user’s neck, or adhere to the user’s body as ornaments. Neither of these interferes with the orbs natural function. While attuned you gain the following benefits:

  • Your unarmed strikes have a range of 30 feet. When attacking a target more than 5 feet away, your unarmed strikes are ranged wwapon attacks that take the form of spectral orbs, dealing your material arts die plus your dex modifier in force damage.
  • When using your flurry of blows, you may substitute one of these attacks with an attack with a spectral orb.
  • You can levitate at will a few feet off the ground. While doing so, you can hover along the ground at your normal speed, and can dash and use other movement features as normal. You can remain stationary on top of liquid without sinking. You do not trigger pressure plates or disturb anything yo float over, and make no noise as you move.

Wonderous Items

Suraghani orbs

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