The City of peace. Neutral city in elemental war.The Janni made a pact with the leaders of the four elemental emmirates. If they would vow to never join any of the Genie emirates and so tip the scales in favor of one element. They where alowed to take a part of the dessert as their territory and erect a magnificent city that would never be ravaged by the armies of The war of the elements.

Qorm would become a neutral ground in the war of the elements. In the city the different parties of the elemental war could negotiate for the exchange prisoners of war, a cease fire, alliances or even peace treaties. The city has become the place where the genie and their allies do not fight a war of blade and blood but one of inteligence and spionage. The city of the Janni has also become a refuge forthe victims and other parties that are fleeing the attrocities of the war. Some are trapped in the city because the contract that Genie have with their lesser cousins is the only thing that protects them from their wrath. This is the case for the Marid faction who’s territory outside the city was destroyed during The night the earth met the sky and what was left divide between the Dao and the Djinne. They have nowhere to go but their part of the city. And there wait the other factions there agents and assassins to finish them off once and for all.

Breaking the peace of the city with violence or bloodshed breaks the contract between the genie and janni especialy if a janni is killed. the violence of the war may not come to the city of peace. everyone who is caught violating this rule will lose the protection of the elemental emirate they are part from and be at the mercy of the justice of the janni. (life long) Imprisonment, petrification, banisment (to another plane) are al possible punisments. And you can find more than one account where an overconfident Genie thought he could break the rules unpunished because of his aliegence to an emirate or standing in the world, who found himself bound in a ring at the bottom of the middel of the sea.

Qorm was build with the help of the architects from the kingdom of Bàrukh. The Janni are a nomadic people who had verry little knowledge about building a house let alone a city. The king of Bàrukh offered his nations archtectonical expertise and he even let let his seers divine an auspicious place to build the city, and so the site for the city was chosen. The city was buil on the fundaments of a long lost ruin next to an oasis in the dessert. The city is circular with a central ward that is surrounded by five wards. One four each of the four parties in the elemental war. And one that is closed of that will be claimed by a prophesied fifth party in the war, when the time is right. These wards are seperated by neutral wards where the Janni and the other races that have no alligeance to one of the elemental emirates live and conduct their bussiness to keep the city functioning. The cities Oasis gives enough water to create several small public gardens and provide water to the private gardens that are constructed on many of the flat roofed houses in the city. In the center of the city is the Tash-Mandir the building where the Jann keep the object where The genie emirates fight the war of the elements over, The orb of Khalmandir. The orb is kept here as part of the neutrality contract between the Jann and the other genies. The orb is guarded permenantly Until somebody can show al 12 keys and claims its contents.

The City is led by a Vali (governer) who is chocen from among the Janni tribes every 10 years. The Vali leads the Qorm counsel that is chosen to advise him. The four elemental emirates have the right to appoint a member to the counsil. This adviser takes on the responsability for wat happens in it’s ward and the members of its emirate. The Rhisab elohime also have the right to apoint a counseler that advises the Vali. Currently this is a Deva named Zayal.

The Vali his security force can’t be kept from any of the districts. The other Janni can also go and stand anywhere in the city. The members of an emmirate can be stopped from entering the ward or a building controled by a rivalling faction. The closed of fifth ward is prohibited to all. This ward may soon be claimed by the now rising armies from the black dessert where once was Bàrukh. This force has vowed vengance against the Genie that destroyed and poisoned their nation.


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