Plant domain

Cleric Level, spells

1st Entangle, Goodberry
3rd Barkskin, Locate Animals or Plants
5th Plant Growth, Speak with Plants
7th Blight, Grasping Vine
9th Awaken (Plants only), Tree Stride

1st Level – Bonus Cantrip. You can choose either Thorn Whip or Shillelagh.

1st Level – You gain a proficiency with Nature & Survival.

2nd Level – Channel Divinity: Charm Plants. This is the same as the Nature Domain ability but you can only use it with plants and not animals).

6th Level – Bask in the Sun. If you have access to drinking water and you are out in the sunlight for at least 2 hours you do not need to eat any food that day. Your skin begins to take on a slightly green hue.

8th Level – Natural Resource. Your body starts to produce plant-like products. This could be fruit, nuts, seeds, edible or smoke-able leaves, edible blossoms or flowers, etc. (this is your choice). You produce an amount of food servings equal to half of your Cleric level rounded down. So for example at 8th level you can feed up to 4 people per day. If you instead choose to produce a trad-able or sell-able resource it will be worth roughly 5 silver pieces per unit. You produce a number of units of these goods at the same rate as the food or half of your Cleric level.

17th Level – Hidden Flesh. As an action you can begin the process of turning into a tree, bush, hedge, or any other similar plant. Your new form can be up to 3 times taller than your normal form. You half to have touched a plant in the past to be able to turn into it. Also you can move in this form but at only half of your movement rate and it is awkward.


Plant domain

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