Ophidian domain

Serpents are powerful symbols for ancient secrets and
hidden knowledge.

Ophidian Domain Spells

Cleric Level Spells
1st serpent fingers*, speak with animals
(reptiles only)
3rd backbiter curse*, ray of enfeeblement
5th enthrall, feign death
7th hold monster, polymorph (reptiles only)
9th cloudkill, snake swarm*

Bonus Proiciency (1st level): You are proicient
with heavy armor.
Master of Venom (1st level): You have resistance
to poison damage. In addition, you can create
poison from materials at hand. You can create one
dose of poison per day, and each dose you create
must be used within three days or else it loses its
potency (so, you normally have three doses of poison
on hand). It takes an action to apply a dose of
poison to a weapon (or three pieces of ammunition),
and an envenomed weapon remains poisoned for one
minute. A creature hit by a weapon coated in your
poison must make a Constitution save or take 2d4
poison damage (4d4 poison damage if you are 10th
level or higher).

Charm Reptiles (2nd level): You can use divine
channeling to charm reptilian animals and monsters.
As an action, you display your holy symbol and invoke
your deity. Each reptilian creature within 30 feet of
you must make a Wisdom save. If the creature fails
its saving throw, it is charmed for 1 minute or until it
takes damage. While it is charmed, it is friendly to you
and your allies. A creature with an Intelligence of 2 or
less remains friendly to you after the charm wears of,
although if you injure it the efect ends.
Reptilian creatures include animals that are reptiles,
dragons, reptilian humanoids such as troglodytes and
serpentmen, and monsters that are reptilian or part
reptile (for example, basilisks, chimeras, medusas, and

Serpent’s Eyes (6th level): You gain darkvision to
a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, the
range of your darkvision increases to 120 feet.

Poison Strike (8th level): You can infuse your
weapon strikes with poison. Once per turn when you
hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can deal an
extra 1d8 poison damage to the target with that attack.
At 14th level, the poison damage increases to 2d8.

Serpent Shape (17th level): You can use your action
to magically assume the form of a snake. his functions
like the druid’s wild shape ability, except that you
are limited to the following forms: constrictor snake,
giant constrictor snake, poisonous snake, giant poisonous
snake, and snake swarm. You can use this ability
twice, then you must rest to regain two more uses of
Serpent Shape.

Serpent magic

1st-level transmutation
Casting Time 1 action
Components V, S
Range self
Duration 1 minute (D)
You transform the ingers of both of your hands into
writhing nests of venomous serpents. Each of your digits
divides and lengthens into anywhere from one to three
snakes, each extending one to two feet from your hand.
Your ability to cast spells with somatic components is
unimpeded, and you can use your serpent ingers to
grasp and wield objects (although ine motor control such
as delicate writing or lockpicking is not possible).
Your serpent ingers give you natural bite attacks
using your hands. You can use your spellcasting ability
instead of Strength for the bite attack rolls, and you deal
1 point of piercing damage when you hit. Any creature
you bite with your serpents must make a Constitution
save or become poisioned until the end of its next turn
and take an additional 1d6 poison damage. If both your
hands are free, you can use a bonus action to attack with
your other hand, as if you are ighting two-handed (If you
hit the same creature twice in the same round, it only
becomes poisoned once.)
At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell
slot of 2nd level or higher, the poison damage taken by
creature that fails its Constitution save increases by 2 for
each slot above 1st.

2nd-level enchantment
Casting Time 1 combat reaction, which you take when
you are hit by a melee weapon attack
Components V
Range 5 feet
Duration Instantaneous
The weapon of the enemy that had the temerity to attack
you turns upon its wielder. This spell causes a creature
that hit you with a melee attack to repeat the attack
against itself. This attack uses the same attack roll bonus,
including modiiers, as the attack against you, and deals
the amount of damage dealt to you by the triggering

5th-level conjuration
Casting Time 1 action
Components V, S, M (a severed snake head)
Range 30 feet
Duration concentration, up to 1 minute
You summon a mass of vipers or constrictors that ills a
10-foot square area. (You may summon the swarm so
that it shares the area of other creatures.) The swarm has
30 hit points and AC 14. You can direct the swarm with a
bonus action to move up to 20 feet; the swarm otherwise
remains where you it was summoned. The snakes are
either venomous vipers or entangling constrictors (you
choice when you cast the spell). When the swarm is irst
cast, and as an action once on each of your turns thereafter,
the swarm attacks each creature in its area. Use your
spellcasting ability to make a melee attack against each
target in the swarm, the effect of which depends upon
the type of swarm you summon.
Vipers: Any creature in a swarm of vipers is poisoned
until it ends its turn outside the swarm. When you hit with
a swarm attack, the target takes 1d6 piercing damage
and must make a Constitution save or also take 4d6
poison damage (or half as much poison damage on a
successful save).
Constrictors: Any creature in a swarm of constrictors
moves at half speed until it ends its turn outside the
swarm. When you hit with a swarm attack, the target
takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage and is restrained until the
end of its next turn.

Ophidian domain

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