Domains: Fire domain, Forge Domain, creation domain, Destruction domain, Emotion domain
Alignment:Chaotic neutral
Devinity level:

Godesss of the volcano, she is the Creator of the island archipelago that stretches from The Tri-Crown Pharaonate to the . She created it toghether with her husband Tishtrya god of the ocean. His cool waters cooled the pasionate fiery lava that Lenai spat from the earth in their passionate love making. So they created the tropical islands. Some ilands still have an active vulcano. This is often the center of worship for her cult.

Lengai dit not only birthed these ilands, she is also a smith and created many of the gods weapons and even a few legendary weapons wielded by mortals. most notorous amongst them Draughnipur the weapon that Ba’al used to lett a mortal kill the goddess Isis. She still feels guilty about how Ba’al tricked her into forging the blade that would kill a fellow goddess. She and her followers hold no love for Ba’al and his followers and both can expect the goddess her full wrath when she gets her hands on either of them. She still hopes to gett her hans on Draghnipur and kill ba’al with it before she destroys it in the fires of her volcanoes that birthed it.

weep for those who fell in Lengai her hands when she is in a fit of anger, because the goddess is not only a goddess of creation and the forge she is also a god of destruction. Her Vulcanoes have destroyed city states, ruined harvests and killed intire races. Some of the powerhungry, crazy, hopeless and vengefull who only want to see the world burn worship this uncontroled, angry , vengeful and destructif aspect of her. She may not be easy t onger but when she is her anger it willburn long and it will destroy anything in it’s path.



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