Fear domain

Domain Spells:
1st : Bane, Hex
3rd : Crown of Madness, Phantasmal Force
5th : Fear, Bestow Curse
7th : Phantasmal Killer, Confusion
9th : Dominate Person, Scrying

Disciple of Fear. At first level, you learn the vicious mockery cantrip. This is now a fear effect. You are also proficient with the Intimidate skill.

Bonus Proficiency. At first level, you are also proficient with heavy armors.

Channel Divinity: Terrorize. At 2nd level, you can expend a use of your Channel Divinity feature to invoke your deity’s power. As an action you present your holy symbol and invoke your Deity’s name, and each creature within 30 feet must make a Wisdom saving throw or else be frightened by you for one minute. The creature can attempt to resist the effect at the end of it’s next turn. This is a fear effect.

Channel Divinity: Mantle of Terror. At level 6, you gain the aspect of your deity. Whenever you make a melee attack and deal damage, a creature is frightened until the end of it’s next turn.

Divine Strike. At level 8th, as with PHB, only the additional damage is necrotic.

Avatar of Fear. At level 17th, you ignore a creature’s immunity to fear effects. Whenever a creature makes a saving throw against a fear effect from you, it does so with disadvantage.


Fear domain

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