A dager forged by the goddess Lengai on a dare that she couldn’t forge a blade that could hurt another God. The God Ba’al machinations delivered in the hands of a noble who was spurned by the cult of Isis. He was looking for vengance and a way to make a name for him self. He pleged himself to Ba’al who gave him Draughnipur and he murdered the goddess Isis while she was walking the streets of the city in The Tri-Crown Pharaonate. Draughnipur dissapeared after it was confiscated after Isis murderer was aprihanded. And it never saw it’s schedualt destruction. The cult of Isis is stil looking for the blade to see it destroyed.

Legendary weapon
Damage type: 1d4 piercing + 1d4 necrotic bonus damage
properties: light, finesse, thrown (range 20/60) God killer

God killer
When attacking a being with a divine spark the wounds you inflict can’t be healed by divine magic. You deal double dammage to beings with a divine spark. and on a critical succes you destroy the divine spark inside a being.

Wonderous Items


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