Cinder Plateau

The cinder plateau is situated to the south east of the Genie emirates the plateau is surrounded by mountains with amongst them active volcanos. At the most eastern part there are old lava flows near a circle of volcanos. it’s the most fertile land in hundreths of miles radious. Most of the plateau is covered in rocks a sterdy brown/green grass and sturdy water conserving trees that deal good with the volcanic heat and fires. Most vegatation doesn’t burn easely other’s have made fire and burning a part of their way to propagate. Most of the fauna can go a time without water and are good in dealing with heat, fire and smoke. The tribes living on the plateau are mostly of human decent. The mountains and mesas of the plateau are also inhabited by tribes of rock Elves. And after the Efreeti invasion. The defected Flamekin where allowed to stay on the plateau.

The elves and humans always praised themselves for their strenght and their independence. they where proud of it. ButWhen the Efreeti from Genie emirates invaded the Plateau. The tribes of the grassie volcanic vale couldn’t stand long to their forces and where slowly being pusht back from the green vale and its river that sprang from a grand blue crystal. this was the only source of water on the plateau. Once the efreeti captured and maybe destroy it, all would be lost.

Desperate The tribes shaman’s reached out to other forces than their usual spirit allies and gained contact with the devils form The Nine Hells. For a price the Devils would help the Cinder tribes to defeat the Efreeti. they made contracts for the magic of the nine hells and the only thing they had to do was a ritual where they whole tribe would offer up a bit of blood and they all would drink the mixture to seal the pact. Only one tribe couldn’t swallow their pride and refused the offer not willing to taint themselves with the devil blood and magic. From that day they would call themselves the Nuqi, the untainted and they would see dependency on magic, especialy devil magic as a weaknes. The other tribes performed the pact according to the devils instructions. The human tribes and elven tribes each got offered a bowl and both drank the blood from the bowl as they passed amongst eachoter. The next thing they know, they woke up smeared with blood, half naked, with only brief flashes in their memmories wat happened that night. The Pact they sealed that night gave a number of chosen the magic and the power to push the intruders back of the plateau. After the victory the Knowledge of the rites to summon Devils and deal with demons was outlawed by the Elders of the Tribes. It would not be given to the next generation. The knowledge that could not be destroyed was buried deep, and in secret.

But the true price the tribes had to pay for their dealings with devils came to light when their wives started to birth the next generation after the rite where they drank devil blood. One out of five children was born a devil Thiefling. the tribes first reflex was to drown their hell-spawn progenie. But seeing the numbers they realized their numbers would dwindle enourmlesly and they would be overrun by the next invader. So most of these first generation thieflings survived but the unblemishid pride of the tribes did not. These thieflings would forever remind them of their moment of weakness they needed dealings with devils to survive. The same was true for the stone elves tribes but Their devil progeny took a whole different form. The Fey’ri Thieflings where feral almost like full animals. The elves had to subject them to harsh mental and bodyly training to gain controle over their animalistic side and become true elves in the sight of their brothers. every Fey’ri is being taken from it’s family from an early age and trained to controle it’s animal self in the Ateshgah Monastery for years before they are allowed to rejoin elven society. Some cant gain controle of their animalistic sides and live as feral hunter on the mountains of the plateau. Far from their elven kin.

The only tribe that diden’t bore any thieflings where the Nuqi. They feld strenghtend in their conviction and deepend their anti-magic ways into the Path of the Forsaker. They even went as far as driving out the ones who couldn’t hide they where born with a natural aptitude for it or where chosen by a god to be their vessel as Oracle‘s or Cleric’s. They only accepted the powers granted by their ancestral spirit allies and the powers granted them by nature like there Druid‘s, Rangers and Shaman’s. But other arcane or divine spellcasters are seen at best, as dependend weaklings who are nothing without their cruch called magi, and as corrupted angents of evil at worst.

Somwhere in the nine hells the devils that had made the deal with the Cinder Tribes laughed. They had sown the first seads of hate, despair, loathing, envy, sorrow and shame amongst the tribes. These seeds would push so much more souls to the nine hells than that an initial contract for the souls of the contracted could have done. It might cost a few generations for these seeds would come to full blossom. It might take time but it would bennefit Asmodeus. And as everry devil knows, what bennefits Asmodeus benifits us all.

Maybe it is needless to say but the thieflings born amongst the tribes where seen as the runds of the litter and where at first prohibited to get positions of power and renown in the tribes. While an imprtial observer would say that the thieflings where uniekly suited for the harsh life on the fiery plateau an might be the strongest members of the tribes.. So it diden’t take long for some split off from their parrent tribes and form their own tribe at the harshest and coincedently most fertile part of the plateau. They even build a small stone city there called Agriyara. All this bred Jealousy, envy, hatred, sadness and despair. And all this drives the members of all of the tribes to deal again with the devils to get the power they needed to get wat they think they deserve.

After the Efreeti the flamekin that deserted the armies of their slavers and offered their blades to the Cinder Tribes where allowed to stay and form their own fully recognized tribe as per agreemend. They have build a village on the graslands of the plateau but travel all over it visiting all the other tribes and keeping good relations with them. But fire calls to fire and slavery is a hard to brake condition. Maybe one of them is still a spy for the Efreeti lords. The flamekin are seen as friendly new neighbours by the other tribes. And they haven’t given them any reason to doubt their loyalties but not everybody is fully convinced that their loyalties ly fully with the tribes.


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Cinder Plateau

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