Domains: death (DMG)
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Divinity level:
History: When the first sentient being put a stone to the head of his brother over a mate or a piece of fruit, Ba’al was born. Or was it him who crawled from the first primordial Gods corpse after one of his brothers slew him. The’re many tales that speak of the birth of the god of murder and all are sure about one thing their was bloodshed involved.

Ba’al enjoy’s the domain he has sway and looks to get still harder or rarer objects on his and his followers kill-list. So he dared the goddess Lengai to forge a blade that could even kill a god, the dagger Draughnipur. When he implied Lengai couldnt do it, she couldn’t refuse. He got the knife in a ambitinous noble’s hand who whas slighted by the cult of Isis. And whispered in his ear that history would never forget him if he Killed a goddess. And so he murdered Isis in the middel of the street. Ba’al encured the wrath of the whole of The Tri-Crown Pharaonate phanteon. And the goddess Lengai.

His cult has been routed out of the pharonate or so they believe. And there are other ambitous young gods who want a bigger piece of the pie. Azragh├╗l who already usurped a part of the divine spark of The white Tiger has his eyes set on Ba’al’s divine spark and want’s his domain of death and portefolio of murder added to his own. Ba’al knows this and is ready to play with this youngster and sea who will find the others knife in his back first. And Draughnipur is lost on the material plane.



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