Domains: Fear domain, Hunt domain
Allignment: lawful evil
Divinity level: 1

Ambitious owl faced god of fear and the Hunt. Patron of the Convocation of the silver owls assasin guild.

Azragûl is an ambitous god who wants to rise quickly through the divine ranks and be feared by even the major gods on Pash-Mara and even the multiverse. He set the first steps on this path when the The white Tiger lost his position as the god of fear due to the machinations of Arjahni. Azraghûl took his chance to usurper the position. He succeeded to get enough pieces of the divine spark to become a minor deity

He quickly got followers throug becomming the patron god of the, the Convocation of the silver owls. Through the succces of his guild he became enough of a pressence to convince the inhabitants of Pash-Mara of his power to become a real pressence on the plane.

He has the convocation on the lookout for Draughnipur in the hope to get his hands on it and in the back of Ba’al so he can add his position ass the god of murder to his portofolio. And after that who will be his next target to sate his disire for power.



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