Animal domain

1st Animal Friendship Speak with Animals
3rd Animal Messenger Locate Animals or Plants (Animals only)
5th Beast Sense Conjure Animals
7th Dominate Beast Locate Creature
9th Awaken (Animals only) Hold Monster

1st Level – You gain a proficiency with Animal Handling and Stealth. When you are riding an animal or trying to calm it down you have advantage.

2nd Level – Channel Divinity: Charm Animals. This is the same as the Nature Domain ability but you can only use it with animals and not plants).
6th Level – Scent. You can use your heightened sense of smell on Perception and Survival skill checks. When you do so you gain advantage.

8th Level – Natural Attacks. You can either gain a bite or claw attack. If you choose bite you haveretractable sharp teeth that come out when you need them. If you choose claws they are alsoretractable. These natural weapons deal 1D10 piercing or slashing damage. At 14th level they deal
2D10 damage instead.

17th Level – Beast Am I. You can change into a non-flying creature of challenge rating 3 or lower. This is similar to the Wizard Transmutation ability called Shapechanger.

Animal domain

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