Way of the earthen anchor

Way of the Earthen Anchor monks are strong and wise – but stubborn. They model their strength after their connection with the earth, which they find scared. A monk of this path deliberates before making their stand, but they are unparalleled in holding the line. Despite their stoicism, their connection with the earthen wellspring grants them incredible empathy, and they have been known to uproot themselves in times of dire need and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Dug in
At third level, you can dig your feet into the ground – granting unparalleled stability. For a bonus action you can enter a stance during which you gain the following benefits:

Your speed is zero, you are immune to forced movement, and any critical hit against you becomes a normal hit.

Your unarmed strikes deal double damage to structures.
Before you make an unarmed strike, you can choose to take a penalty to the attack roll equal to your proficiency bonus. If the attack hits, you add a bonus to the attackā€™s damage equal to double your proficiency bonus.

Runic armor
At third level, you can utilize your monk training to use a special armor made from ki-projected and enhanced stone. Those who wear this armor can still benefit from monk features such as Martial Arts, as the armor interfaces with ki. You can fashion this armor with an hour of meditation and light activity as long as you have access to stone. Its worthless otherwise as it is customary to bestow these armors for free to newly adventuring monk.

You can create a set of Runic Armor, that has an AC of up to 20. However, you only benefit from Runic armor if you are a monk and the AC of the armor is equal to 10 + your strength modifier + your Wisdom modifier. Any more and that armor is either too heavy for you to use, or you don’t have the skill to interface with its runic ki.

Great Wall
At level 6 your attunement to the ground improves. You can spend one ki to gain tremorsense to a distance equal to your unarmed movement bonus until the end of your turn. You can create a temporary wall 5 feet long and 5 feet wide as a reaction to be attacked. The triggering attack hits the wall, and if a target is in the wall’s space, it is pushed backwards towards the nearest unoccupied space. The wall has twice your monk level in hitpoints, and an AC of 15. You must finish a Short or Long Rest before you can use this feature again.

Once you reach 11th level, your connection to the earth has allowed you to heighten your senses through meditation. You may spend 10 minute to meditate which allows you to enter a trance – you have tremorsense out to 600 feet and you may cast the move earth spell while mediating without material cost. You cannot see, are prone, and meditation ends if you move or attack. Once you have used this feature you must spend a long rest before you can use it again.

Martyr’s Tomb
At 17th level, you can mitigate the harm done to your allies. If you are subject to an area of effect that requires a dexterity saving throw, such as a dragon’s breath or a fireball spell, and you are within 30ft of the origin point, you can use your reaction and spend 3 ki points. If you do, you immediately move to the origin point of the effect and become the only target of the area effect. You make the saving throw with disadvantage, and fall prone.

  • Alternate rule*
    This subclass is meant to be played with strength as your primary stat. However, if you’re playing a campaign that starts at second level or lower, you will find that your AC is significantly lower than it should be without a set of Runic Armor. If you’re DM allows it, you can gain access to an inherited set of Runic armor before you learn how to make your own.

Way of the earthen anchor

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