Way of the blazing cinders

Monks of the Blazing Cinders are strong and always burning with passion— for they have learned to control and create fire and heat from the using passion and to some extent, hate, as the fuel.

Paths of Fire
Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you learned how to utilize sweeping kicks to flare your aggression at two targets in the same motion. When you hit on an unarmed strike granted by Martial Arts or Flurry of Blows, you can make an additional attack on a different creature within your reach. The second attack doesn’t add your ability modifier to the damage unless that modifier is negative.

You also learn the produce flame and control flame cantrips.

Scorching Heart
At 6th level, you gain resistance against fire damage. You also gain an additional option that can replace your stunning strike: the target must make a Constitution save against your ki save DC. On a failed save, it becomes Immolated, taking 2d6 fire damage at the end of each of its turns until it or a creature within 5 feet of it uses its action to put it out. The fire damage increases with your martial die (2d6 becomes 2d8 at 11th level, and so on). When you use your Paths of Fire feature and hit with both attacks, if the first target was Immolated, the second target must succeed on the Constitution save or also be Immolated.

Combustion and Destruction
Beginning at 11th level, you have mastered the destructive power of the passion from within. You gain the following ability:
Combustion As an action, you may spend 2 ki points and choose one creature or object you can see within 10 feet of you. The target takes 4d10 fire damage and Immolated. On a successful Constitution saving throw, the target takes half as much damage and doesn’t ignite. If a creature was already ignited, it gains vulnerability to fire damage after it takes the damage while it is Immolated.
Destruction As an action, you may spend 2 ki points and create a fiery explosion at a point you can see within 120 feet of you. Each creature in a 20-foot radius sphere centered on that point must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 4d6 fire damage and being knocked prone on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. If the explosion is centered on an Immolated creature, any creature that fails their save also become Immolated.

Soul of the Pyre
At 17th level, you perfected the balance of passion and gain the ability to turn yourself into a being of immense power. As a bonus action, you may spend 3 ki points and enter the State of Fire which grants you the following abilities for one minute:

You gain fly speed equal to your movement speed. You shine 60-feet of bright light another 60-feet of dim light. Any hostile creature of your choice that ends their turn next to you must make a constitution saving throw or take 2d6 fire damage. Your unarmed strikes and attacks from Paths of Fire do fire damage, and have a reach of 20 feet.


Way of the blazing cinders

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