After the starfall Taus Malek send the serpent Ananta to the wasteland that was the Varjapur Peninsula. The dry sand irritated his scales. Ananta scraped his body against the rocks of the desert to relief himself. The scales grew into the Andrenjinyi: Celestial snakes who could summon rain and water. They changed Varjapur from a dry wasteland into the dense Jungle and verdant plains that it is now. Varjapur society became a thriving caste system that worschips the andrenjinyi as the living gods that keep the peninsula verdant. Now that Ananta has left the Pash-Mara for the stars where it sleeps, It no longer sheds scales to become the Andrenjinyi and The Andrenjinyi cant reproduce themselves. The first of them have died and the parts of Varjapur where they lived have changed back to a desert wasteland again. Is this the faith of all of verdant Varjapur?

Caste system
- Nagakanya: the snake shaped Lizardfolk created by the Andrenjinyi: dispassionate rulers.
- Sávana: Aasimar, Godlike and Genasi: priests, servants of the gods performer of rituals and rites.
- Asura: Half-orcs, Raksasha and Thiefling they are the Generals, soldiers bodyguards that protect the other castes.
- Pathaka: Elves, forest Gnomes and Dwarf who serve as the keepers of nature, history and tradition, Their long lives and memories makes them good lore keepers and teachers.
- Sartha: humans, rock Gnome, Halflings who are the traders, builders, diplomats, inventors and innovators of Varjapur society.
- Rajasa: Troll-kin, half-elfs, Half-dwarf, Where reptile and Kenku the unclean and savages perform menial, unclean and even dark tasks. A lot live as slaves and some live outside society altogether.

Those who are not happy with their allotted caste in life often leave Varjapur. Some would say escape. The Rajasa who are often slaves escape to the islands of The swirling sea. Because there are stories of a pirate nation of freed slaves that will take them in. Or they muster on to the armies of the earth and wind factions of the Genie emirates to find a home and recognition.

Major locations


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