The war of behemoths

The war of the behemoths is the war fought between the empire of Giants, Kermandar and the Dragon empire Arkhosha. This war ended the golden age of both races. According to legend the war started with a conflict over hunting grounds But none know the exact reason anymore. Both sides point at the other and their envy and great started it. The conflict escalated in a thousand year genocidal war of ambushes and atrocities that left both sides completely drained of resources. Eventually none where left alive on either side who had seen the war’s beginning. Age and brutality had claimed them all, and the few dragons and Giants left alive had spent their entire life at war. The thousand year war didn’t so much end as wasted away through attrition and exhaustion.

Only a couple of loose kingdoms remained before The Starfall. And none survived it. Leaving behind only a few hints of the giants once great empire. They lost the support of their patron god Malliquir who chose not to answer their prayers until they rebuild their empire. The Void dragons fled to the stars leaving their metallic and chromatic cousins to fend for themselves. With almost nothing of their empire standing.

The decimation of both the dragons and The giants led to the rise of the younger and smaller races who are now the masters of Pash-Mara

Historic events

The war of behemoths

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