Taus Malek

Domains: Life (PHB), light, Protection Domain, Balance domain, Law domain

Taus Malek is charged with the burden of protecting and sustaining Pash Mera by the one. Whom some say was the primordial god Ptah. He is a god of hope, life, potection and ballance. The form that the inhabitants of Pash-Mara envision him like an angel. Who potects the world, fights evil with heavenly flame. Judges wrongdoers and forgives the penitent. Taus-Malek is a god who’s best known for the legendary manifestations of his aspects. In him these tree sometimes contradictionary aspects blance. His worship takes the form in the worship of his three aspects or the andogyn angel that carries the world blossoming from a tree flower.

Taus malek has monifested in a few forms on Pash-Mara.
1. Sharen-rea peace, healing and compasion. The punishment of divine fire is only for the unredeemable.
2. Al-Uzza The protector, who fend of a second starfall, promotes duty and self sacrifice.
3. Maalik Punisher of evil doers demanding purity of body and mind of his followers. Evil must not get a chance to fester and corrupt.

Taus malek asks of his followers to act in the best intrest of Pash-Mara. To defend, heal and nurture it. This takes many forms as seen it’s own aspects. This makes the Rhisab elohime a diveded instution just as there god.


Taus Malek

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