The city state known as the technology capital of Pash-Mara lays alone deep in the most north-western point of the sea of sand. The fact that their is a huge crystal deposite near an oasis seems the only reason that Tlaquesh has been able to grow to the city state it is today. The City lays in an otherwise for caravans uninteresting outskirt of the desert. The minds of Talquesh developed the current Crystal powered technology of Pash-Mara

A Wizard from BĂ rukh and his Genie servants build the first walled house of wat would later become the city of Talquesh. He was their to study the arcane properties of the crystal shards. He stayed for many years. The Wizard met a genie with a peculiar gift for building. He made a bet with him and beat him at a game of chess. So making him his servant. Little could the wizard know that Geb the genie he enslaved would become the most wel known and one of the most important inhabitants of the city that would rise around the structure that bound him.

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