Sun domain

The clerics who use the sun domain are known as Sunbringers. They are elit clerics able to use the light of the sun to smite foes and protect allies in a burst of radiant energy. Few are those blessed with the Sunbringer gift. Some say that they were chosen by the Sun itself to challenge the dragons.

Sun domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st Faerie Fire, Sanctuary
3rd Moonbeam, Prayer of Healing
5th Daylight, Beacon of Hope
7th Sun Shield, Aura of Purity
9th Mass Cure Wounds, Flame Strike

Bonus Cantrip and Spells
When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain the Dancing Light cantrip.
Additionnaly, when you reach respectivelly 11th and 15th level, the Sunbeam spell, then the Sunburst spell are added to your Cleric spell list. You can prepare them the same way you prepare spells of the same level.

Flashing Orbs
At 1st level, while you are concentrating on the Dancing Light cantrip, you can use your orbs to heal or harm creatures.

As a bonus action you can :
Send an orb to harm a creature. Make a ranged spell attack against a target you can see up to 60 feet. On a hit, the target take 1d8 radiant damage.
You can also send an orb to bolster an ally. A creature you can see up to 60 feet gain 1d8 temporary hit points. These temporary hit points disapear when you loose concentration on Dancing Light.
When you have used this feature four times (whichever of both options you used), you cannot use it again unless you cast a new instance of Dancing Light to create four new orbs. You can still keep concentrating on Dancing Light, even if you have used your 4 orbs, but a new casting breaks the concentration of the previous one.

Channel Divinity : Sunbringer’s Touch
Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to bolster an ally, encouraging him or her to continue the fight.
As an action, choose a willing creature other than you, that you can see within 30 feet. Until the end of your next turn, this creature has a bonus to AC equal to half your Cleric level, rounded up. It has also advantage to all attack rolls, and adds 1d8 + your Cleric level of radiant damage to all damages it makes with weapons or spells.

Starting at 6th level, you are able to walk or climb on light itself. Treat any beam made of light as solid for you whenever you decide so. The beam can be magical or natural, but it must be clearly identified from the rest of the environment.

Radiant Strike
At 8th level, you gain the ability to infuse your weapon strikes with radiant energy. Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can cause the attack to deal an extra 1d8 radiant damage to the target. When you reach 14th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8.

Draconic Light
Starting at 17th level, whenever you cast a spell that could deal radiant or fire damage into an area of effect, you can choose up to 5 creatures within this area. These creatures regain hit points equal to the number of radiant and/or fire damage they would normaly suffer, and they suffer no damage. These creatures can choose to fail the saving throw imposed by the spell, if any.

Sun domain

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