Domains: war domain PHV, Protection Domain, Animal domain, Revelry domain
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Divinity lvl: Re-awakend
symbol: Gleeming Beetle

The god of black powder. Original a god of festivals and celebration were people light colorfoul fireworks to a god who learnec people to wheaponize gunpowder to protect themsleves in the form of guns. The Starfall erased all knowledge of Gunpowder and Khepran became a dorment forgotten god. The only thing that made sure that the beetle god didn’t disapear completly was that the tribes of The sea of sand revered the giant beetles who lived in the dessert and became beast’s of burden for the tribes. It cost Kephran centuries to regain enough consiousness to create chosen and send them on a quest to rebuild his religion. His first followers re-invented gunpowder with his guidans through dreams. They became the first Gunslingers of the new age. With the re-emerging of the secret of blackpowder this god has fully awakend. His cult may be small but it’s on the rise again.

Khepran’s followerbelieve that the world needs protection from many evils, and that it is up to them to do so. But also remember people why life is worth protecting by celebrating life. Next to warriors, the followers of kephran are great at giving and celebrating festivals and parties.



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