House Enki

Type: Craft Guild
Leader: Geb
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Headquarters: Talquesh
Goals: Inventing and building robots
Structure: Guild
Members: artificers, inventors, techno-wizards.
God(des): Rava
Symbol: Gear with a blue crystal in its center

Inventors of the mobile and from a distance directeble robot. The pinnicale of their achievements are the Warforged. A fully sentient war robot who may even have a soul. House Enki focusses it’s efforts on robotics in any shape or form. from spionage doves to human bodyguards and from dictation robots to companion robots.

The house was at the height of their succes during War of the eternal when their Warforged kept the undead hords of the lich Faraoh Mendhjet of the The Tri-Crown Pharaonate at bay. And eventualy turned the tide of battle and where insturmental in Mendhjet’s downfall. But after the war their construction was forbidden by the Rhisab elohime and they granted them the same rights as all other sentient races. The warforged became masters of their own destiney instead of a way for house enki to make money on selling them as soldiers to warring factions.

The house still has a stable income of selling their lesser robotic creations but the last big marketable brakethrough has been the Warforged. And everything else they created doesn’t reach the brilliance of the warforged. The house is unable to make the next big brakethrough and loosing popularity under the potentialy new recruits. These recruits want to b a part of trilling new breakthrough science and house Enki can’t offer that at the moment. This makes that the house is in decline. And to top it all of their most brilliant mind, the inventor of the crystal brain of the warforged himself, Geb the artificer calls for freedom are becomming more frequent. Geb’s work is of lesser quality and more scarce than in his glorydays. But what will the guild do without him?

In this vacuum of inspiration and leadership a big part of the guild has put it’s faith in a rather young god(des) that they themselves created Rava the ascended. Her followers hope for divine inspiration from following her. Inspiration for a next great breakthrough that will lead to regaining former glory.


House Enki

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