Comerce Domain

Gods of trade and commerce see monetary systems and
financial institutions as height of mortal achievement.
In the abstract concepts of value, ownership, and
exchange those who follow these gods study and find
metaphysical truths and meaning. Followers of these
gods are as often practicing merchants as they are
bankers, financial advisors, and clergy who hold court
over public markets.

Commerce Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st identify, illusory script
3nd locate object, zone of truth
5th sending, tongues
7th leomund’s secret chest, locate creature
9th legend lore, teleportation circle

Mercantile Mind
At 1st level, you are a shrewd merchant and can buy
goods and services at a 25% discount. You also become
proficient in two of the following skills; Deception,
Insight, Investigation, Perception, Persuasion, and
Sleight of Hand.

Channel Divinity: Seal Bargain
At 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to seal
a bargain between two parties. As an action you can
seal any verbal or written agreement by two or more
consenting parties. If either of these parties fails to
abide by the agreement that party suffers disadvantage
on a number of rolls equal to 1+ your Wisdom
modifier. You select which rolls the offending party
receives disadvantage on or you may allow your DM
to determine this on your behalf. In addition, the other
party or parties are immediately made aware that the
bargain was broken and this ability no longer affects

Channel Divinity: Pound for Pound
At 6th level, you can use your Channel Divinity to apply
the rules of transaction and commerce to your defense.
When you or an ally you can see within 30 feet are hit by
an attack you may use your reaction to ensure that your
ally only takes half damage. The opponent who hit you
or your ally then takes an equivalent amount of damage.

Impart Value
At 8th level, whenever you take a long rest you may
select a non-magical item in your possession. The item
is now considered magical and gains a +1 to attack rolls
if it is a weapon, +1 to armor class if it is a shield or
armor, and a +2 bonus if the item is used in conjunction
with a skill or tool skill. While empowered the object is
considered magical and must be attuned to if the user
wishes to get its benefit. This effect ends after 24 hours
or during your next long rest, whichever comes first.
Casting identify on the object will reveal that the object
is only temporarily imbued with power.

Market Mastery
At 17th level, your invisible pull over the market is
now strong enough that you can purchase goods and
services at half price, replacing your 25% discount.
In addition, you can use your Impart Value feature to
create one object that provides a +2 to attack rolls if it
is a weapon, +2 to armor class if it is a shield or armor,
and +4 bonus if the item is used in conjunction with a
skill or tool skill or you can empower half your Wisdom
modifier (round up) in objects at the original bonus

Comerce Domain

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