Circle of the sky

Most druids find themselves enamoured with the lands. Content to roam forests, plains, mountains, deserts, and even the Underdark, they walk with their feet firmly planted on the ground. Other druids find the majesty of nature in the clouds. These druids are most captivated by the might of a rolling thunderstorm, the vast peaks and valleys of a titanic nimbus, the tranquility of a gentle breeze, and the deep azure of an open sky.

This order of druids is a loose and nomadic lot. They revere skies that hang over all lands and strive to see as much of them as they can. Therefore, Circle of the Sky druids travel nearly constantly throughout their lives. They meet occasionally at mountain vistas, the canopies of great forests, and the peaks of floating islands to exchange tales of their travels and perform rites of sky deities. Members of this Circle are known for their powerful weather magics and flighty attitudes.

Bonus Cantrip
When you choose this circle at the second level, you learn one additional cantrip of your choice of these three—shocking grasp, gust, or thunderclap.

You gain the service of an aurai, a spirit of the winds that takes an avian form you choose: blood hawk, eagle, hawk, owl, raven, or vulture.

The aurai has the statistics of the chosen form, though it is a fey instead of a beast.

Your aurai obeys your commands as best as it can. It takes its turn on your initiative, though it doesn’t take an action unless you command it to. On your turn, you can verbally command the aurai where to move (no action required by you). You can use your action to verbally command it to take the Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help action.

When the aurai drops to 0 hit points, it disappears, leaving behind no physical form. You can summon it back using a ritual that takes 1 hour to perform, during which you may choose a new form for the aurai.

Additionally, as an action, you can see through your aurai’s eyes and hear what it hears until the start of your next turn, gaining the benefits of any special senses that the aurai has.

During this time, you are deaf and blind with regard to your own senses.

Finally, when you cast a spell with a range of touch, your aurai can deliver the spell as if it had cast the spell. Your aurai must be within 100 feet of you, and it must use its reaction to deliver the spell when you cast it. If the spell requires an attack roll, you use your attack modifier for the roll.

Sky Magic
Your special affinity for the skies grants you a better understanding of certain spells. At the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th levels you gain access to circle spells connected to the aspect of the sky that inspired you to become a druid. Choose that aspect—winds, clouds, or storms—and consult the associated list of spells.

Once you gain access to one of these spells you always have it prepared, and it doesn’t count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If the spell doesn’t appear on druid spell list, the spell is nonetheless a druid spell for you.

Sky Step
Begining at the 6th level, you can use your reaction when you fall to reduce any falling damage you take by five times your druid level.

Ward of the Wild Blue
When you reach 10th level, you can move through nonmagical weather effects without being slowed and without taking damage from sleet, hail, or lightning. You have advantage on saving throws against weather effects that are magically created or manipulated, such as those created by the sleet storm spell.

In addition, you are immune to environmental effects involving altitude such as low pressure, decreased oxygen, and altitude sickness. However, you still need to breath.

Wings of Air
At 14th level, you gain the ability to manifest a pair of ethereal wings from your back, gaining a flying speed equal to your current speed.

These wings are composed entirely of force, and do not interfere with armor or clothing. They are translucent, but the exact color and shape of the wings are up to you.

You can create these wings as a bonus action on your turn. They last until you dismiss them as a bonus action on your turn.

Druid Level Spells
3rd silence, gust of wind
5th wind wall, fly
7th freedom of movement, divination
9th teleportation circle, legend lore

Druid Level Spells
3rd misty step, mirror image
5th stinking cloud, hypnotic pattern
7th greater invisibility, phantasmal killer
9th dream, cloud kill

Druid Level Spells
3rd shatter, call lightning
5th sleet storm, lightning bolt
7th storm sphere, ice storm
9th maelstrom, destructive wave

Circle of the sky

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