You are a castoff from the changing one, an immortal being that transfers his conciseness from one body to the other. You are a new-born conscience in a former body of the changing one. Your body is marked by hexagonal tattoo on your head which is the mark all castoffs share.
Skill proficiency: Arcane
Tool proficiency: tinkering tools
Equipment: A set of fine clothes , 25 gp and a set of tinkering tools.

The changing one cast your body of. In wat for circumstances did you come into existence?
1: You found yourself beset by strangers who wanted to kill you.
2: You found yourself in mortal peril (fire, flood, avalanche, etc.)
3: You found yourself in an inhospitable place where you where slowly dying (dessert, crevice, ice field etc.)
4: You where beset by a horrific monster that was hunting for you.
5: you came into existence next to the changing one and worked with him for a length of time.
6: you found yourself in cell accused of a crime you don’t remember committing.

Anamneses: When the changing one left your body he took al the knowledge he gathered with him you have trouble remembering anything before he left your body, You have disadvantage on all History, nature, arcana, medicine or survival rolls unles you are proficient in these skills. But you may ask for a check if you remember anything about an object/event/person no matter how exotic, long ago, unknown or obscure. Because some of the memories that the changing one made during his many lives made linger in you.
Tidal Surge: You don’t suffer the way that others do. Instead, when you would normally take damage or otherwise experience something that would cause pain, you radiate a burst of pain outward, transmitting it to the body of another. Tidal surge effects occur every time a Castoff character takes damage, no matter who is present. This means that if the only living creature within range of the Castoff character is a friend or companion, they take the damage or bear the brunt of the effect. Tidal surge effects do not affect nonliving objects. Tidal surge effects cause suffering but do not kill. Therefore, a Tidal surge effect never reduces a creature’s health to 0. If a creature has only 1 point of health, a Tidal surge effect that would normally do damage does not occur. If there are no viable creatures within the specified range, Tidal surge effects
do not occur.

Tidal surge table
1d4 effect
1. Stuns a target of your choice within short range for one round, and decreases the amount of damage you take by 1 point.
2. Blinds a sighted target of your choice within short range for one round, and decreases the amount of damage you take by 1 point.
3. Deals 1 point of damage to up to three targets in close range. Does not decrease the damage you take.
4 Causes fear for one round, and decreases the amount of damage you take by 1 point.

Castoff’s resilience: You do not age. Every time you die in a incident that doesn’t completely destroy your body (fall from stratospheric height, falling into a living volcano, etc.) your body regenerates fully in the next eight hours to a stabilized condition and 1 hit point

Personality trait
1. I am curious like a child about everything.
2. I’m haunted by terrible memories of gruesome act I didn’t commit
3. I have a characteristic nervous habit that comes out in stressful circumstances.
4. I’m oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.
5. I regard everything new with distrust.
6. I try to hide my castoff tattoo.
7. I get lost in the memories that the changing one left in my body becoming oblivious to my surroundings.
8. I am jealous of people who know their purpose in life.

1. People: You want to solve the conflicts and divisions between the castoffs and unite them in a family (good)
2. Greed: I want to retrieve al the knowledge of the changing one to better myself. (evil)
3. Aspiration: You want to become just as big a legend as the changing one. (any)
4. Freedom: You don’t want anything to do with the schemes and plots of the changing god or other castoffs. You are your own person. (chaotic)
5. Knowledge: You want to learn everything there is to learn in this world (neutral)
6. Builder: You want to make a lasting contribution to society (lawful)

1. Your party is your family.
2. You have a memory of a person, place or object that you must find.
3. You see the other castoffs as your extended family.
4. You feel a bond with the places, objects, persons that have a link to the changing one. you collect and defend these objects, persons, places.
5. You see the changing one as your father and want to follow in his footsteps.
6. You hate other castoffs because they mistreated you or the people you care about

1. You see yourself as superior to all non-castoffs.
2. You are terribly naïf and trust everybody you meet.
3. You hate your creator and will go to any means to thwart him and his followers.
4. You distrust the other castoffs and try to keep them out of your life.
5. The quest for understanding yourself, through the remnants of the changing one consumes you.
6. You look like an adult but you are not familiar with what is regarded as common knowledge to the average citizen.


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