Bond of the unknown

By means of some sort of unnatural ritual you have been able to summon a aberration, and have bound it to your command. You might have captured one yourself even, or maybe you had to make a great sacrifice in order to get this unholy being under your command.

Aberration Companion Medium Aberration, Neutral evil
  • Armor Class:* 10 + Its Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus
  • Hit Points:* ( 6 (or 1d10) + Its Constitution modifier) x your Soul Binder level
    Hit Die: 1d10 per Soul Binder Level
    Speed: 30ft.
    16 (3) 12 (1) 16 (3) 6 (-2) 12 (1) 7 (-2)
Condition Immunities Poisoned, Frightended Senses Darkvision 60ft Languages Understand its summoner’s languages, but cant speak any Actions
  • Claw.* Melee Weapon Attack: +5 (your proficiency modifier + Its Strength modifier) to hit, reach 5ft., one target. Hit 9 (1d10 + Its Strength modifier)

Controlled Evil

At 1st level you gain the servitude of an aberration. The Aberration is always under your control and you can speak with it telepathically as long as you are within 100 feet of it. It will always follow your command and sees you as its master. Though it is still a neutral evil creature, and will act like that if it isn’t given commands by you, or if you aren’t present.

The Aberration can look how you want it, as long as it still looks like an Aberration and follows the given stat block above

Expanded Spell List
As you bind with this magical being, you are able to have more spells available, these spell are always prepared and don’t count towards your maximum number of prepared spells.
Bond of the Unknown Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st Cause Fear
2nd Crown of Madness
3rd Fear
4th Confusion
5th Dominate Person

Beginning level 3 you can use an action to touch your Aberration, and become absorbed, and morph together as one unit for 1 minute. while you are morphed with your Aberration it will gain several benefits:

It gains an additional 10 feet of movement. The damage of its claw attack increases to 3d4 (from 1d10) It gain temporary hit points equal to half of the Soul Binder’s maximum hit points (it will lose these when morph ends) Its size becomes large

While you are morphed with your Aberration, you are incapacitated and the only thing you can do is, to use a bonus action to leave the creature and thereby ending the morph. When you are morphed, your Aberration can attack without you having to use your action.

Morph will end after 1 minute, when the Aberration is incapacitated, or if you choose to end it as a bonus action. If you were concentrating on a spell when you morphed you can keep concentrating on it, but have to make a concentration save whenever the Aberration is hit. When morph ends, the Soul Binder will emerge from the Aberration at an unoccupied space within 5 feet. The morphing process is hard for the Soul Binder’s body, and when it ends the Soul Binder will suffer 1 exhaustion.
Vitality Transference

When you reach 6th level you can transfer life essence between you and your Aberration as an action, as long as you are within 60 feet of it. You can either take some life from your Aberration and give it to yourself, or you can take some of your own life and give to the Aberration.

When you take life from the Aberration you choose an amount of hit points, and the Aberration will take that as unreduceable and unavoidable damage, and you will heal for the same amount.

When you choose to give some of your own life to your Aberration, its will have an easier time accepting your life force as it is much purer. When you do so, you choose an amount of hit points and you take that as unreduceable and unavoidable damage, and the Aberration is healed for twice that amount.

You can use this feature twice before you have to take a long rest.

Unholy commands
Starting at level 11, you gain access to command your aberration to do things, that even it seems surprised to learn that it was capable of. These commands functions like your “Soul Binder’s Command” and will follow the same rules and uses, you learn two new commands, these will not count toward your total know commands:

Toxic Spit: You command your aberration to spit a glob of toxin at an enemy within 30 feet of the aberration. The aberration can use its bonus action and spit at that enemy. The enemy have to make a constitution saving throw, or be poisoned for 1 minute. The enemy can repeat the save at the end of its turn, ending the effect on a success. The save DC is the same as your Soul Binder Spell Save DC.
  • Stretch Limbs:* When given this command, your aberration stretches its body and grows its limbs in unnatural ways, it gains 20 ft reach on all its attacks until the end of your next turn.

Improved Morph
When you reach 18th level, your body has become more acceptant of your aberration, and you are much more potent at morphing together, whenever you morph together with your aberration it now gains additional benefits:

While you are morphed, you can still cast spells through the aberration. The aberration will still be the one casting the spells, with your spellslots, but you are the one concentrating on them, and they use your saving throw DC and spell attack modifier. When you morph you can choose to increase its size to Huge instead of Large for the duration of morph. Its AC increases by 2

Additionally you can now stay morphed for longer, you can retain morphed for 1 hour. And you body has an easier time being morphed. When you end morph you can choose to forgo the exhaustion once per short rest.
Soul binder

Bond of the unknown

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