Bond of the elements

You are in balance with the world, and the elements that surround you. You are so closely bonded with them that you can manifest an elemental avatar, and you have bound your soul to that avatar.

Elemental Avatar Large Elemental, Unaligned Armour Class 10 + it’s Dexterity modifier + your proficiency modifier Hit Points (5 (or 1d8) + its constitution modifier) x your soul binder level. Hit Die: 1d8 per Soul Binder Level Speed 30ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 16 (3) 16 (3) 14 (2) 6 (-2) 12 (1) 6 (-2) Languages Understands the Soul Binder’s languages, but can’t speak. Actions Slam . Melee Weapon Attack: +5 (your proficiency modifier + Its Strength modifier) to hit, reach 5ft., one target. Hit 9 (1d10 + Its Strength modifier) Bludgeoning damage Touch . Melee Weapon Attack: +5 (your proficiency modifier + Its Dexterity modifier) to hit, reach 5ft., one target. Hit 8 (1d8 + Its Dexterity modifier) Elemental Damage

Aid of the Elements

At 1st level the elements themselves have granted you the aid of an Elemental avatar, the avatar can take different shape dependent on which element you are attuned to.

Being level 1 allows you to pick one element you can attune to. You will learn more Elements to attune to at later levels. You can change which Element you and your avatar is attuned to over a long rest.

The Avatar can look how you want it to, as long as it follows the stat block above.

Each element will also give your Avatar a passive, which it will gain while you are attuned to that element. Whenever an ability or attack mentions “elemental damage” use the damage type in the table on this page.
Elemental Attunement
Element Damage Type Passive
Fire Fire +10 feet walking speed
Earth Magical Bludgeoning +2 to AC
Water Cold Can “disengage” as a bonus action
Air Magical Piercing gain 20 ft flying speed
Expanded Spell Options

As you bind with the elements and nature itself, you are able to have more spells available, these spell are always prepared and don’t count towards your maximum number of prepared spells.
Bond of the Elements Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st Absorb Elements
2nd Gust of Wind
3rd Protection from Energy
4th Elemental Bane
5th Conjure Elemental

Elemental Burst

At 3rd level your Avatar have learned to harness it’s elemental powers with great fury. As an action, it can burst elemental force all around it. Every creature of its choice within 5 feet of it will have to make a saving throw; the save is different for each element, or take 3d8 elemental type damage, and half if they made the save. Additionally they suffer one of the following effects, dependent on what element you are attuned to:

Fire (Dexterity saving throw) : Any hit target that fails it’s saving throw they get charred, and they have disadvantage on their next attack. Earth (Strength saving throw) : Any hit target that fails it’s saving throw is knocked prone. Water (Constitution saving throw) : Any hit target that fails it’s saving throw, have their movement speed reduced to 0 feet, until the end of your next turn. Air (Strength saving throw) : Any hit target that fails it’s saving throw is pushed 10 feet away from the avatar.

The Avatar can use its Elemental Burst twice per long rest.

The damage of this feature increases by 1d8 as you gain levels in this class: 7th level (4d8), 11th level (5d8), 15th level (6d8), 19th level (7d8).

Additionally you learn one more element that you can now attune to (2 know total).
Boon of Nature

When you reach 6th level, you and your avatar are so close, that you can call down a boon from nature itself. As an action, you can use the power of the elements to buff up your Avatar. It will keep this boon for 1 minute. What the boon does is different depending on what element you are attuned to:

Fire: Your Avatar strikes with precision, and it can add your Charisma modifier to its attack rolls. Earth It will toughen up its rocky outside, and gain temporary hit points equal to double your Charisma modifier at the start of it’s turn. Water your avatar runs swift like the river, it gains +30 feet movement speed. Air The avatar can lock enemies into place with howling wind. The Avatar can do a grappling attempt at a creautre ithin 5 feet as a bonus action. The Avatar can only have one creature grappeled like this at a time.

You can call upon this boon once per long rest.

Additionally you learn one more element that you can now attune to (3 know total)
Commander of Elements

At the 11th level you can command your Avatar with the power of the earth itself. You learn two commands. These commands functions like your “Soul Binder’s Command” and will follow the same rules and uses, these will not count toward your total know commands:

Elemental Bolt: You command your Avatar to hurl a bolt of elemental energy. The elemental must use its reaction to send a bolt flying in a direnction of your choice. The bolt will fly in a 30 ft long and 5 ft wide line, when its hits an enemy make a ranged attack roll, on hit, it will deal 3d8 elemental damage, and the bolt will disperse. If the attack miss, the bolt will keep flying until it hits a target. Punch of the Elements: Your avatar will gather elemental energy in its hand, and strike at a nearby foe. It’s it hit with a melee attack this turn, the creature hit will take an additional 2d8 elemental damage, and will have to make a saving throw. The saves are the same as the “Elemental burst” and functions the same way, but only for the effect not for damage.

Additionally you learn one more element that you can now attune to, and you know all four elements.

Multi Attunement
When you reach 17th level, you are so good at controlling the elements and your Avatar, which you can attune to two elements at once. Your avatar will get both passives, and when it deals elemental damage you can choose which type it if, of the two you are attuned to.

When the element does its “Elemental Burst” the targets hit will suffer effects for both the stunned elements, and will make two saving throws, one for each effect.

Additionally you can now change your elemental attunement on a short rest and a long rest.

Soul binder

Bond of the elements

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