Circling a broken planet, Pash-Mara, a world straight from Sherazades 1001 nights! Next to humans, elves and dwarves it’s populated with Genie, Gûlls, mummy’s and angels. A world full of Sands, flying carpets and island sized sleeping turtels. Only…. the inhabitants of Pash-Mara recently succesfully mastered magical crystals as an fuel source, creating flying ships, magical weapons, prostetics, and magic fueled robots and consturcts. Technology and magic go hand in hand on Pash-Mara. Here the artificer is as much respected as the wizard. Still ancient magical horrors and new mechanical terrors threaten the inhabitants of Pash-Mara. So Load your gun, sheet your blade, fling your pack on your back and discover your destiny as it’s written in The stars of Pash-Mara.

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The stars of Pash-Mara

Gobi desert under the night starry sky