Domains: Frost domain, Winter Domain,
Alignment: Neutral evil
Divine rank:
Symbol: helmet frozen in a glacier

Lord of the frozen wastes, quencher of the flame of life, Ruler of the Plane of Jahan.

Jahan is a Frozen wasteland of eternal winter. Conquered millenia ago by the demon giant God. He changed it from a lusterous vibrant world to the ice hell its now. Only the sturdiest races survive here next to the frost giants and demons who’s blood could freeze a burning campfire. The only surviving humans on the plane had to forge a pact with Ymir himself. Changing them in the Jadi thiefling. Ymir’s goals look simple: change the multiverse to frozen lifeless perfection.

The divine demon-giant is the master of the eternal winter and the frost that would freeze the marrow of your bones. Seeing the warmth of life as a light that must be quenched for the perfection of the lifeless frozen wastes. Ymir has set his mind to conquering and complete subjagation of Pash-Mara after it has deflected two attempts to invade and conquer the plane by his agents. The Jadi empire created by The Gadar that was destroyed after the gadar was sealed in a cup by the Rhisab elohime. And the invasion of Yancharl that was stoped by an alliance of witches that was led by the The great Phoenix. Pash-Mara will fall to the cold of entless winter.

The followers of Ymir are often individuals that feel slighted by the societies of Pash-Mara and want cold served vengance. They come hungering for power to get their vengance. Some dream from an endless winter where they rule a part of frozen Pash-Mara. Some Draenei, for who are build for a climate a lot colder than the hot climate Pash-Mara, see the service to Ymir as a way to make it a lot more hospitibal to their people.



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