Domains: Moon domain, Life domain (PHB), Love domain, Song domain
Alignment: Neutral Good
Devinity level:

Goddess of the cool soft healing light of the moon, Mother of the Moon Godlike.

After The Starfall Yemaya saw the suffering of the inhabitants of Pash-Mara. She couldn’t bear it. so she acted. She blessed a few of the worthy mortals on Pash-Mara and sent them to bring her gift of healing to the suffering sentient races. So the moon-godlike came to Pash-Mara spreading their weak light of hope.

The Starfalls destruction had his repercussions on even the gods. The nature god Talmar was mutelated terribly by the destruction of the flora and fauna on Pash-Mara. His skin becameterribly burned and his limbs broken and twisted. And the relief that the moonmaidens administrations and song brought to his tortured body and soul is probably the only reason he hasn’t become a ravenoush god of destruction. But even Yemaya her adminestrations couldn’t heal him completely, his body would for evermore be broken.

Yemaya still saw the inner beaty of Talmar shine through his broken body. The patient and the nurse fell in love with eachother and married. And now every night, while dancing through the sky, the moon shines her cool healing light on the scorched desert that has become Talmar’s divine domain. Bringing relief to its inhabitants.

The followers of Yemaya see themselves as the bringers of healing to a battered world. They are relievers of suffering and guides out of despair. According to them here is always a way out of suffering and despair and they will lead the way and adminester healing to the body and soul of the needy. They bring the hope of love and the beaty of life in song and dance to a battered world and it’s suffering inhabitants.



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