The contient of ice and winter. To the south of the main continent past the pirate isles lays the continent of yancharl the land of eternal winter. Matriarchal houses rule this continent. Koldun (witches) hold great power in the houses and are the real power in Yancharl. The withes came to power because they sealed the gates of the hellplane of Jahan with the help of the Phoenix.

Jahan is a hellplane of eternal ice ruled by Ymir the demon giant god. He enslaved the orcs, Jadi thiefling on the plane. Some of the Orcs and Jhadi fled the invasion forces army and joined The Alliance of the phoenix that was forged by the witches. Toghether they fought and succeeded in closing the gates that led van Jahan to Pash-Mara.

Koldunic Houses

Major locations


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