Ulban the messenger

After crossing paradoxes of space and time, Ulban, selfproclaimed
remnant from a thousand eons hence, arrives.

Origin: Streaking across the night sky in a radiant
flash, the comet Ulban has appeared throughout the
centuries at times of great distress. With each passing,
those sensitive to the power of the stars receive
an opportunity to commune with the sentience
bound within it. It reveals truths by opening one’s
eyes to the greater reality and limitless scope of the
universe, and potentially one’s pivotal place in it. Such
listeners learn that Ulban is no mere comet; the Messenger
exists outside space and time, and it is the last
survivor of the universe’s final undoing. It searches
for one it believes can alter its past, ensuring the survival
of the cosmos. It claims that you, more than any
other individual at any time, can direct the fate of the
universe, saving everything that will ever exist from
the atrophy of the Star Spawn.

Goals: Ulban’s appearance marks dark times
ahead. It crosses the alignment of Allabar and other
baleful celestial bodies when their influence is greatest,
disrupting their machinations by instructing you
in the use of the powers of warlock champions from
its own time. Its mysterious knowledge drives you to
instigate plots taking years to complete. These plots
test the limits of morality by sending entire regions
spiraling into chaos, uncovering secrets best left
hidden, and confronting enemies without regard to
moral motivations. All this, Ulban claims, shall avert
disaster in coming eons.

Interaction: Ulban’s mission does not accommodate
mortal frailty. Its directives are so forceful that
they paralyze your mind. These episodes bombard
you with unfathomable images from across time.
After recovery, you have instantaneous understanding
of new star magic and Ulban’s will as you watch
the comet disappear into the night sky.
Communication: Contacting Ulban demands
intricate astrological calculations that change with
phases of the night sky or hostile meddling of the
other stars.

Roleplaying: The comet’s revelations have left
their mark on you. Can you still find meaning in
familiar experiences? Do you go through life in
nihilistic apathy, foretelling doom? Or do you accept
Ulban’s pact because denying it would invite the
death of the universe? With your knowledge you
could protect countless innocents or philosophize
with sages about the true nature of reality. What of
Ulban itself? Do you fully trust it, or do you doubt
its intentions? You can only guess who or what will
benefit most from the manipulation of its past, but is
ignoring its ominous predictions worth the risk?
Suggested Traits: Apathetic, bizarre, nervous,
pessimistic, prophetic, truth-seeking, unreadable,
Warlock Gods

Ulban the messenger

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