The great Labyrinth

The great Labyrinth is said to be the hart of the god Ptah the god of pathways. It’s an ever shifting nexus of planar portals leading to other material planes of existance as wel as the lower elemental planes and higher planes in the Silver sea. The great labyrinth has an organic quality like it was grown instead of build. The lines that are running along some parts of the wals, ceiling and floor that pulse with a strange energy seem to emphasise that the labyrinth may be more of a living creature than an artificial construct.

The great labyrinth is inhabited by an Android race. Their primary goal seems to take care of the great labyrinth and protect it from outside treats. The great labyrinth seems the natural habitat of the Androids. Their tatoos that sometimse pulse with energy if they exert themselves seem to match the design of the lines on the walls of the great labyrinth. And their living spaces have an organic quality to them and sometimes shift to accomdate new needs of their inhabitants.

While the androids see the great labyrinth as their home and their responsability and more than a few will even go so far that they are its children, they to don’t understand it fully. They still research the Labyrinth document the portals and the rhythm of the shifts of its many corridors, plaza’s and overways. They are intrested in meeting new peoples and learning from them. But under the current generation their are more and more Androids who want to see the world(s) outside the great labyrinth. This is a cause of strife because the elders see it as their sacred duty to take care of the great labyrinth while some of the younger want to leave and explore wisl their be enough of them left to fufill their tasks?

The androids are convinced that if the great labyrinth is destroyed that the Multiverse will fall back in primordial elemental chaos. The androids will let people travel the great labyrinth or even allow (semi) permanent residence inside it. The residents must abide by the rules of android society. The androids will not allow anny damage to the great labyrinth nor will they give controle of it to any other foreign entitity whitout a fight.

Major locations

The great Labyrinth

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