Domains: Animal domain, Wind domain, Hunt domain
Alignment:Lawful good
Divinity level:

God of the sky and birds from The Tri-Crown Pharaonate. Tem-Horus is a god of the hunt and thats the reason he has the head of a falcon. In the pharonate the falcon is the favorite animal companion to use for hunting. The Pharaos have the best bred and traind falcons to go hunting by their side giving them horus a close bond with nobility. He is the son of Aten the sun god. And shares his fathers love for the sky.

The Araviel elfs see it as a gross misinterpatation of their goddess Them. Who is also a sky goddess with bird like features in some of her depictions. They see it as an insult that their goddess of freedom is depicted as a god of the hunt. This cant be right.



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