Domains: Suffering domain, Dessert Domain, Chaos domain, Travel Domain

Talmar was the old god of nature. But the Starfall destroyed most of the vegetation on Pash-mara and started an age of dust and suffering. So Talmars nature changed throug the catalysme, the destruction of Pash-mara destroyed him to. but nature always finds a way to survive. And so dit Talmar. His body burned and twisted and baren just as Pash-mara he became the god of suffering and, the at first, empty dessert. But when the desert plants came back he became a god of nature again. While his body is broken he sympathises with the beings that suffer on Pash-Mara and his clerics try to elevate suffering where they can.

At the same time Talmar he is the cruel dry dessert that inflicts suffering on its Inhabitants with its heat, dryness, terribel sandstorms, and chaoticly shifting hard to navigate landscape. In The Tri-Crown Pharaonate they see him as a God of Chaos that must be subjugated by the order that the archticture, irrigation networks and civilazation that pharaonate brings.

The nomads tribes of The sea of sand see him as a force that stands against the forces of civilazation that try to tame the dessert and its inhabitants and they venerate him as a force and defender of nature that wil drive back these forces and lay waste to their order and civilization that they want to press upon others



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