The shifter is to the druid. what the Paladin is to the cleric. You have bonded your body and soul to one and later on more creatures. You use this bond to strenghten your own body by shifting it partly or completely to the animal(s) you have bonded with. You are a martial class that deals close quarter mellee damage.

Class features
- Armor: light, medium, shields ( shifters wil not wear armor or shields made of metal)
- Weapons: Simple weapons
- Hit die: 1d10 per shifter level
- Hitpoints: 1d10 + your constitution modifier.
- saving throws: constitution & wisdom
- Skills: choose 3 from stealth, nature, survival, acrobatics, animal handeling, arcane, insight

lvl Profbon Shifter claw Feature
1 +2 1d4 s/p Shifter aspect, Shifter claws
2 Shifter empathy, defensive instinct
3 Shifter empathy, woodland stride
4 Ability score improvement, wild shape
5 +3 1d6 s/p Extra attack, 2nd aspect
6 Wild shape 2/long rest
7 Trackless
8 Ability score improvement, wild shape 3/long rest
9 +4 Chimeric aspect
10 3rd aspect, wild shape 4/long rest
11 1d8 s/p -
12 Ability score improvement, wild shape 5/long rest
13 +5 Shifter stamina
14 wild shape 6/long rest
15 4rd aspect
16 Def. instinct +4 Ability score improvement, wild shape 7/long rest
17 +6 1d10 s/p -
18 wild shape 8/long rest
19 Hard to put down
20 Defensive instinct +5 Final aspect

Shifter aspect: At 1st level You choose an aspect of a creature you have attuned your body and soul to. You can use your bonus action to shift to its minor or major form or change to another minor form. Until you gain the chimeric asoect feature you can only assume one minor ability at a time. As you gain levels, you gain aspects. You gain your 2nd aspect at 5th level, a third at 10th and a fourth at 15th. You may take the major form of each of your aspects these follow the same rules as the druids wild shape abillity. So when you have a bear and frog as your aspects you may change into the form of a bear or a frog.

  • Bat minor aspect: you gain darkvision with a range of 90feet if you already have this or more increase it with 30f. You also gain blindsight with a range of 15 feet. If you already have this or more you increase the range by 10 feet.
  • bear minor aspect: You gain +2 on your constution score which results in a +1constitution modifier
  • Bull minor aspect: You gain +2 on strenght score which results in a +1strenght modifier
  • falcon minor aspect: you gain advantage on perception checks
  • deinonychus aspect: you gain advantage on initiative roles
  • frog minor aspect: you become amphibious and ad 15 feet to your longjump and you can swim 30f per turn.
  • Lizard minor aspect: You gain advantage on acrobatic checks
  • Monkey minor aspect: You gain advantage on athletic checks
  • mouse you may take the dodge or disengage action as a bounus action.
  • Owl You have advantage on stealth checks
  • Snake you may make an opportunity attack when somebody enters your reach.
  • Stag minor aspect you gain 10f movement speed.
  • Tiger minor aspect: You gain +2 on your dexterity score which results in a +1dexterity modifier.
  • Wolf minor aspect: You have advantage on survival checks for the purpose of tracking.
  • Wolverine minor aspect: you gain +1 health on each of your hit die.
  • shifter claws:* At 1st level you gain the ability to grow claws as a bonus action. They deal slashing or piercing damage your choice. You become proficient with unarmed attacks. If she uses the major transformation she may choose to use the creature she changed into its statistics or her shifter claws whichever is higher. At 5th level the damage of your claws increases to 1d6, 1d8 at 11th and 1d10 at 17th.
    Defensive instinct: at 2nd level you may add your wisdom Modifier to your AC as long as you are unarmoured. If you are wearing a non-metal armor or shield you instead add half of your wisdom modifier to your AC. Aditionailly you gain +1 Ac at 4th level this becomes +2 at 8th +3 at 12th and +4 at 16th with a max of +5 at at 20th level.

Shifter empathy: at 3rd level a shifter can improve the mood of animal with an intelligence score of 1-2 within 30 feet under normal conditions. You role a 1d20 and you add your proficiency bonus and your charisma modifier. The DM sets the DC for this check. Domestic animals ore most often have an indifferent disposition towards you. Wild animals are most often unfriendly

Woodland stride: at 3rd level you can move through any sort of undergrowth at normal speed and without taking damage or suffering impairment. Magical enchanted areas still affect the shifter.

Wild shape: at 4th level gains the ability to turn into the major form of one of her aspects and back again. You have to complete a long rest before using this ability again. The rules are the same as the druids wild shape rules. The effect lasts for one hour per shifter level or until she changes back. Changing back takes a turn and doesn’t provoke any attacks of opportunity. You can’t speak in this form. You only make animal noises. You can communicate with animals from the same type. She can communicate none verbal with her allies. At 6th level you can use this ability two times before you need to take a long rest. This increases by one every two levels with a max of eight times ad 18th level

Trackless: at 7th level a shifter leaves no trail in natural surroundings an can’t be tracked. She can choose to leave a trail if so desired.

Chimeric aspect: At 9th level a shifter uses her shifter aspect ability to take on a minor form, she can choose two aspects and assume the minor form of each aspect. At 14th level you can choose three aspects.

Shifter stamina: at 13th level when taking a long rest you may remove 2 levels of exhaustion instead of one.

Hard to put down: at 19th level you have advantage on death saving throws.
Final aspect: at 20th level you gain a 5th aspect and when she uses shifter’s aspect, she can assume the minor forms of all her aspects



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