Shattered one

Your past is a mystery and you appear to be the one, who knows the least about it. There must have been an event in your past devastating enough to shatter your memories and leave only fragments behind. You do have some skills, although you have no idea, how you have learned them. At some point you got used to having conversations with people, who know you, although you don’t know them.

There are places and items, that trigger your memory and help bring it back piece by piece. It will take time and long travels to bring the whole picture together and find out, who you are. However there is always the possibility, that the person you will find is not who you want to be, making you your own greatest fear. Likewise there is no guarantee, you ever like the people, that were important to your past self. All you know is, that you are not complete the way you are now.

Skill Proficiencies: Two proficiencies chosen at random.

Tool Proficiencies: One tool proficiency chosen at random.

Languages: One language chosen at random.

Equipment: A letter saying “Come back save!”, a key to an unknown door, a set of common clothes, a map of an unknown city, and a belt pouch containing 15 gold coins minted in a place you don’t remember.
Memory fragments

Shattered ones call fragments of memory their own. Pictures and sounds of events important to their history. Filling in the gaps might at some point paint a complete picture and reveal the reason for the memory loss. Choose three memory fragments or roll three times on the table below.
d20 Memory fragment
1 A dragons head roaring above your head.
2 A small village in flames.
3 A person in your arm, covered in blood.
4 Waves crashing against a beach.
5 A prison cell deep underground.
6 Hunted by a beast in a dark forest.
7 An explosion of arcane energy.
8 The touch of a divine being.
9 A loved one taken away from you.
10 Guards chasing you out of town.

d20 Memory fragment
11 A voice begging you to stop.
12 An arrow sticking in your chest.
13 A monstrous creature rising from the waves.
14 An abandoned tavern in the night.
15 A battlefield shortly after a war.
16 An old monastery in ruins.
17 The voice of a mentor sending you off.
18 A coronation ceremony.
19 A shining vehicle made with strange technology.
20 An artefact taken from you.

Help your DM! Choosing this background potentially means extra work for your DM, as they have to fill in the gaps in your more than incomplete background story. Communicate often to make sure you provided enough good memory fragments for them to work with.

Feature: Mysterious reputation

Whenever you meet a person for the first time in a campaign, you may with the permission of your DM roll a d20. On a 19 or higher the person knows you and thinks highly of you. On a 1 the person is immediately suspicious of you.
Suggested Characteristics

The events of their past shape the shattered ones. However there personality owes just as many elements to their lack of memories. They don’t know, why they are how they are, but that does not keep them from sticking to their principles and goals.
d8 Personality trait
1 I’m often lost in thought, trying to remember more details.
2 Only the future matters.
3 Nothing can satiate my hunger for information.
4 The bonds I form anew are especially precious to me.
5 Nowhere feels like home.
6 I’m as optimistic about the future, as I’m afraid of my past.
7 I’m always excited to find new distractions.
8 The problems of the common person seem trivial to me.
d6 Ideal
1 Curiosity. I need to find out, who I am. (Any)
2 Greater Good. No matter my past, I work to create a better future. (Good)
3 Independence. There is no place, family tie or law that binds me. (Chaotic)
4 Community. Although I have not found my place, I shall be bound by principles. (Lawful)
5 Revenge. My past was stolen and I will find someone to pay for it. (Evil)
6 Knowledge. I will fill my mind with fresh and positive memories. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 The smith of every other town remembers me as a good customer.
2 Vivid memories of a loved one haunt my dreams.
3 Dubious personalities give me knowing nods.
4 There are wanted posters with a familiar face on it.
5 I want get back my memories to share them with my former friends.
6 I carry with me a keepsake and I just know the person who gave it to me needs my help.
d6 Flaw
1 I’m afraid to interact with people, as I never know, if I have met them before.
2 I have trouble understanding local customs.
3 I take every chance to complain about my terrible fate.
4 Instead of appreciating what’s in front of me, I spend my time brooding in loneliness.
5 I’m always tired, because fragmented flashbacks keep me awake at night.
6 An addiction is one of the few things I kept from my past life.

Shattered one

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