Domains: Sun domain, Retribution domain, war and light domain (PHB)
Alignment: Good
Divinity lvl:
Symbol: angel with flaming hair

The flaming sword, The light that banishes shadows. the fire that burns evil

One of the forms in which Taus Malek has Manifested on the world. Sharen-rea is the flaming sword aspect of Taus malek that smites evil. She was first seen on Pash-Mara during the . Thousand demon war where the Rhisab elohime channelled her to defeat The Gadar. After that she was worshiped as the fighting against evil aspect of Thaus malek. She appeared as an angel with flaming hair with white angel wings with peacock featers between the white featers. She was shining like the sun and brought its burning vengeance.



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