Domains: creation domain, Craft domain, Travel Domain
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Divinity lvl: Primordial
Symbol: crossroad

Creator of Pash-Mara, Connector of worlds, Sleeping Jailor of Dagon. From the Primordial Chaos Ptah created order. He seperated the elements to create the lower planes. He seperated the lower planes from the silvery sea that are the higher planes where the gods would later build there abodes. And in the middel he build the material plane and near the center of all things he created Pash-Mara. But Dagon the god of primordial chaos always tried to undo his work when is attention was elsewhere. The only way Ptah could stop his creation from becoming part of the primorial choas again was to stave it with himself becoming the pathways that connect the worlds with eachother and keeping them in place. By becomming this tree-like network he trapped dagon in the remaining sea of primordial chaos with the deep roots of wat would be known as the worldtree.

So the God Ptah’s body became the pathways that connects all in creation, the worldtree. Pash-Mara became the place to house the heart of Geb and with that one of the greatest hubs of pathways that connect the planes of existence. This Hub, the heart of Ptah is called The great Labyrinth. From the labyrinth shoot pathways like rootst to the lower planes like and to higher planes- and other material planes like branches. Many see the Pathways of Ptahs body as a worldtree that connect al the worlds in existence. After creating this vast network from him self he sank, completely spent, into a deep sleep. Visiting his creation only in his dreams. His head is located in his divine domain in the astral sea.



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