Pit fighter

You have been forced to fight, possibly for your life,
since you were young. You may have been a slave,
purchased to provide cheap thrills for your owner. You
may have been introduced into a rough life by your
family, or entered yourself willingly to earn money
when times were hard.
Skill Proficiency: Athletics
choose one from:
Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Intimidation

Tool Proficiency: one Gaming set
choose one from:
S/R one language, one Gaming set, one Instrument,
Land vehicles, Water vehicles
Starting Equipment: gaming set, traveler’s clothes,
healing potion, hand wraps (bandages – one use
medical kit), club, pouch with 20gp

Feature: Blood Brothers
You know how to find fighting houses in every big city,
and can tell if one is present in a smaller settlement
within a day of being there. You can earn a poor living
for yourself fighting for others entertainment.
In addition, you can spot who is a brutal fighter and
who is scared. You can also tell who is running the
show, and who the high rollers are in the crowd.

Suggested Class: Fighter
Any class can start as a pit fighter, but fighters are most

d6 Trait
1 I am silent and menacing
2 I am always on alert and trust no one
3 I am quiet and focused
4 I am brash and outspoken
5 I constantly challenge and mock others who are
physically powerful
6 I am unshakable and never back down

d6 Ideal Definition
1 Mercy I never kill (Good)
2 Vicious I never spare anyone who is stupid
enough to fight me (Evil)
3 Honor I give 100% and respect anyone who
gives their all (Lawful)
4 Dirty Fighter
I never fight fair because I never know
what my opponent will do (Chaotic)
5 Respect I respect the strong and the skilled; I
don’t care what they stand for (Neutral)
6 Uncaring I’m out for myself

d6 Bond
1 I fight for my family
2 I need glory and respect
3 I fight for my freedom, and need to be sure I’m never
in another’s power again
4 I was bought and thrown into the pit; I will see my
former owner thrown into that same pit with me
5 I will help anyone who is poor and desperate
6 I will see those who make others suffer for their
entertainment feel true pain

d6 Flaw
1 I hate all those with money and power
2 I am an addict; I use to forget
3 I cannot back down from a challenge
4 I never fight unless I have no other choice
5 I will never pass up the chance to expose a wellregarded
person who hides a shameful secret
6 I think all authority figures who enforce laws (guards,
military, etc.) are corrupt; I challenge and mock them

Pit fighter

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