Divine domain: Balance domain, Nature domain (PHB), Protection Domain, Ancestor domain
Alignment: True Neutral
Divinity level: Primordial
Symbol: Labyrinth in a circle

Father of dinosaurs and jungels, betrayer of the primordials.Protector of the world against Dagon the father of monsters. Obuto is one of the primordials where the gods fought against during the dawn war. His betrayal of the primordials led to their defeat and the continued existence of the multiverse. Obuto is married to Dhawit the goddess of flowers to confirm his acceptance in the Pantheon(s) of Pash-Mara.

Obuto watches the vulcanoes. At the end of time Dagon will rise from the volcano devour the heart of Ptah ending Pash-Mara and the multiverse. Obuto will fight him to try and save creation with the help of his army of worthy ancestors that reside in his divine realm.

Obuto has spread aspects of himself with the seeds of the plants of his primordial jungle. that have been carried with the wind to the corners of Pash-Mara. His servants sea him as the primordial jungle that is the source of al jungels and trees of Pash-Mara. They see al Jungle gods as aspects of Obuto.



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