You grew up with a small traveling tribe of people. You lived off of
the land, and assisted in mapping out traveling routes which took
you to food and shelter year-round.

Work with your DM to figure out where your tribe wandered,
how exactly you ended up where you are where you are now,
and what exactly your tribe is doing now. Are they still alive?
Where have they gone?
Skill Proficiencies: Survival, Athletics
Tool Proficiencies: Cartographer’s tools, Climber’s Kit
Equipment: Map case, climber’s kit, fishing tackle, hunting trap,
cartographer’s tools, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a
pouch with 5 gp in it

innate cartographer
You have been making maps to different scales for quite some
time. Due to your natural awareness of this scaling, you have
an advantage when making maps. You also still contribute your
Passive Wisdom to the group’s chance of noticing threats when
riding in a vehicle and making a map.

Suggested Characteristics
Personality Traits d8 Trait
1 I bond very quickly with those that I travel with as
though they are family
2 I love to gaze at the stars and I prefer to sleep without
a roof
3 I love cooking food on an open fire
4 I get restless when I am in one spot for too long,
which has a variable definition
5 I prefer to travel light, and dislike when my mounts
draw carriages or wagons
6 I view people as constantly moving cogs, and don’t
bother to get to know them even if I like them
7 I have a lot of energy and it shows
8 I like to always bring various tools with me

d6 Ideal
1 Balance: When everything and everyone fills their
roles, the world works in harmony. Our jobs in life is to
continue filling our ever-changing roles. (Lawful)
2 No Rules: Life is ever-changing and I have to have an
open-minded philosophy to morph with every situation.
3 People: I’m not sure where I’m headed now, but I know
all I want to do is develop or find a new tribe to travel
with. (Neutral)
4 Greater Good: I venture forth because I wish to grow
strong and help other communities across the world.
5 Aspiration: I am inspired by nature, and the vast world,
and it makes me want to achieve greatness. (Any)
6 Free-Spirited: My heart and mind are free, and I am free
to roam, wherever I may go. (Chaotic)

Bonds d6 Bond
1 I want to find a safe, permanent, and expansive home
2 I typically side with and defend nomadic tribes
3 I may be last remaining member of my group or tribe – I
must rebuild our group and its glory
4 I did something wrong in my tribe and escaped – they’ll
surely try to attack or capture me if I am seen
5 I’m trying to reconnect with my tribe after losing them
during a big relocation
6 I want more fame than my small tribe can offer me

Flaws d6 Flaw
1 I hardly ever go along with the rules of society which I find
silly or don’t like
2 I have an extremely shameful secret related to me and the
tribe I come from
3 I look down upon those who have become hopeless victims
and it shows
4 I read heavily into people’s actions and words and possible
hidden agendas
5 I get depressed and irritable when my nights haven’t
consisted of campfires and music lately
6 I’m extremely scared of being trapped, imprisoned, or
otherwise held against my will


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