Domains: Law domain, Civilization domain, Retribution domain, Punishment domain
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Divinity level: major

The dutyful oathblade, The lawbringer, The Knight philosfer.

God of oaths, duty and law. He is a God of civilization. Whitout agreements that bind us, civilization wouldnt exist. Their would be anarchy and chaos and no bonds between men. Ishiran stands firm against the forces of chaos by bringing order through his gift to the intelligent races, the agreement. From the agreement flow the domains of oaths, duty and eventualy civilization. With rules you create order and safety. He asks his followers to honor agreements and their duty because without everything would go back to the primal chaos of Dagon. And those who wont live by the law, won’t keep their oaths and neither fufill their duty will not gain the blessings of civilization and be at his fringes as an oudcast.

Image: A skinny darkskinned human knight dressed in a simple armor with a scribe’s schatchel. One hand stained with ink and one with dried blood. He looks like a warrior Philosopher from a long gone civiliazation

Followers: The oathbinders followers are bound by their worth and duty. They hold the safety of the people and justice as a high ideal. They often hold functions that uphold the law and punisch criminals. They often have an elaborate knowledge of the law and they try to spread the idea of law and rules to the less civilized parts of Pash-mara. Most see the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of it. They are not neciserally fundamentalists that use the law as an excuse to start executing people. They also can see some laws as wrong ore one law as inferior to another.



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