Interplanar orphan

Interplanar Orphan

From an early age you learned, how to live among creatures who are different from you and in environments your species was not made for. The reasons why you had to live on your own can differ. Maybe your parents travelled the planes and were separated from you shortly after your birth or you were abducted by a slaver from a different realm seeking a rare specimen. Either way you had to learn quickly to survive.

It might be your goal to at some point visit the world your ancestors are from. Maybe you already visited it and felt even less at home than in the worlds you grew up in. Either way finding your place in the multiverse is a driving force behind your journey. There are not many people like you and most of them did not make. The reasons you are still alive include adaptability, a strong will, luck and many others.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s tools

Languages: Choose one language from Abyssal, Celestial, Giant, Infernal, and Sylvan

Equipment: A rope, three different sets of clothing, navigator’s tools, and a pouch containing 10 gold pieces each printed in a different country or on a different world
Adoptive parent

As a guide, guardian or maybe even replacement parent a benevolent creature put you under their wings. The reasons why your protector had an interest in you may be unknown to you, but you were happy not to be alone regardless. You can roll on the following table to determine the type of creature, who adopted you, or choose one that best fits your character.
d12 Adoptive parent
1 Giant
2 Genie
3 Devil
4 Hag
5 Modron
6 Yugoloth

d12 Adoptive parent
7 Flumph
8 Dragon
9 Gith
10 Ghost
11 None
12 Roll twice, ignoring results of 12
Feature: Interpreter

If you interact with a creature that does not share a language with you, you can learn one of their most prevailing emotions whether it’s love, anger, pain, fear, calm, or something else. At the same time you can communicate your own emotions in a similar way. There is always a small possibility for misinterpretation in that exchange.
Suggested Characteristics

Interplanar orphan’s have a personality shaped by a perpetual feeling of loneliness. This can both mean they seek company specifically or have trouble to trust anyone. Their personality can have as many facets as all the different worlds they lived in.
d8 Personality trait
1 I find the customs of members of my own race strange.
2 I’ve been through more than anyone else.
3 The creatures I grew up with live by a standard I look up to.
4 I invest a lot into appearing likeable.
5 Nowhere feels like home.
6 I often use proverbs that are not understandable.
7 I always have an escape plan.
8 I learned to kneel to not get eaten.
d6 Ideal
1 Survival. There is no relevant difference between thriving and surviving. (Any)
2 Understanding. Different species can get along. I know it firsthand. (Good)
3 Anarchy. I lived under so many different laws that none of them matter to me. (Chaotic)
4 Humility. I am painfully aware that many things are more powerful than me. (Lawful)
5 Cruelty. I felt superiority and so should others. (Evil)
6 Indifference. I would like to be nice, but a ‘moral compass’ is not a concept I grew up with. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I need to find my real parents. I have so many questions.
2 A former companion of me has a different number of limbs than I have, but feels like a close sibling.
3 I would die for my adoptive parents.
4 The plane of existence I grew up on is my real home.
5 I wish to some day be a protector as others have been for me.
6 My life has been saved many times and I will repay all of those debts.
d6 Flaw
1 I have trouble throwing away useless things.
2 Cowardice and intelligence are interchangeable terms for me.
3 I’ve been through so many strange experiences, I have trouble showing empathy.
4 Deep down I often feel inferior to others.
5 I feel anxious, when I am lonely again.
6 I had so much luck in my life that I rely on it too much nowadays.


Interplanar orphan

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