See Players handbook in the dropbox pg. 26

Sandfoot Halfling
As a Halfling, you have spent your life as a nomad.
Your entire life has been spent under the sun, with
sand beneath your feet. Sandfoot halflings are commonly
found in great desert markets, selling spices
and other exotic goods. As a result you know how to
watch out for pickpockets, and may have picked up
on the common tricks that they use.
Ability score increase. Your charisma score increases
by 1.
Desert life. You are proicient in the sleight of
hand skill, and whenever you make a constitution
check relating to harsh temperatures, you are considered
proicient in the check and add double your
constitution modiier instead of your normal constitution

Jungle Halfling
As a jungle Halfling, you are a descendant of a group
of halflings that chose to follow their wanderlust to
the furthest corners of the world, and to settle in a
vast tropical rainforest. you have mastered the art
of camouflage and are nearly invisible in vegetation.
Ability score increase. Your intelligence score
increases by 1.
Mask of the Wild. You can attempt to hide even
when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, grass
or other natural plants, additionally you treat any
difficult terrain relating to plant life as normal terrain.



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