Godlike are members of the races that received the blessing of the gods, These godlike their blessing or curse is clear to sea for all through clear changes to the skin-color or growths on the head and hands. If their bird is seen as a blessing or a curse depends on the culture of the community that they are born. But people are always a little weary of the ones touched by the gods and most of them feel never fully accepted by their communities. Godlike are born sterile and therefore considered genderless.

Godlike traits
Ability score increase your wisdom by 2
Age: They live as long as their parent race
Alignment: The alignment of the godlike as the gods that gave them their blessing. They have free will and can choose their own fate and are not bound by their benafactors alignment.
Size: medium
Speed: 30feet
Darkvision: in dim light you can see 60 feet as if it was bright light and in darkness if it where dim light. You can’t discern collors in the darkness only black and white
Blessing of the gods: All godlike have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened.
Subraces: elemental, death, nature, moon, avian

Elemental godlike
Elemental godlike embody the extremes of the elements on the plane. Fire godlike are object of both reverence and fear. In some regions it is believed that they have the power to awaken volcanoes or that their death. The frost godlike are believed to have power to move glaciers and that their deaths create more places of frozen wasteland.
Image: Fire elemental godlike look like slowly burning wood or hot steel or stone, Cold elementals look like ice and snow and have icicles prodding from their skulls as frozen replacements of hair.

Elemental godlike traits
Ability increase: Your constitution is increased by 1
Resilience: You are considered proficient in the survival skill
Vengeance of the elements: you may cast as a response to being damaged by a creature in 60 feet of you you point at the target who is surrounded by the element of choice fire/cold/lightning/wind. The target makes an dexterity saving throw on a successful one it takes half damage. At 1st level it deals 1d10damage increases by 1D10 when you reach 5th level (2D10), 11th level (3D10), and 17th level (4D10). You must take a long rest before being able to use this ability again.

Death godlike
The most distrusted of their kind. Most of them are killed on birth by their parents or communities. Nobody seems to like the once touched by death. They are not sure of their role in the world but al are skilled in killing if they like it or not.
Image: all death godlike have growths covering their eyes. For them they are translucent for others opaque they seem strange and sinister.

Death godlike abilities
Ability increase: Your strength increases by1
Fear of death: You’re consider proficient in the intimidation skill
Deaths usher: when an opponent drops below 50% health you start dealing 1d4 necrotic bonus damage on your successful attacks to the opponent. This increases to 1d6 at 5th level 1d8 at 11th level and 1d10 at 17th level

Nature godlike
Loved by druid circles because their image makes them appear as very close to nature and the druids are always interested in how souls occupy animals and plants. But te growth of moss, plants and fungi has led to the common stigma that they are diseased and many are killed because of this belief by non-druidic communities.
Image: they appear as a fusion of human and animal futures, often covered by plant like, moss and fungi growths. Also anthlers and horns grow often from their heads.

Natrue godlike traits
Ability increase: Your intelligence increases by 1
Wilderness knowledge: you are considered proficient in the nature skill
Wellspring of life: You can expend a wellspring dice to channel the forces of nature through your body. This gives you for a number of turns equal to your role with your wellspring die +1, where you gain either a +1 to strength, dexterity or constitution. You can only boost one of these abilities at a time. Your number of wellspring dice is equal to your wisdom modifier and replenish after a long rest. Your wellspring dice become 1d8 at 5th level 1d10 at 10th level and at 15th level 1d12

The moonborn first appeared after the star fall calamity and the moonborn believe she Created them to bring healing to Pash-Mara after the Suffering the starfall brought to it. They still believe that the bringing of healing is their prime reason for their existence. Some believe that some healing can only begin after cutting out the cancer. Moonborn are the most tolerated of the Godlike. Most sailors have beliefs about the luck that a moonborn brings. Whether this is good or bad luck remains to be seen.
Image: you have a silvery skin-color and body hair collors from white to light blue all have a moonshaped sign on their head. Their eyes are pure white.

Moonborn traits
Ability increase: Your charisma increases by 1
Natural healer: you are proficient in the medicine skill.
Moonlight: you are always emitting dim light in a10feet radiance
Silver tide: as an action you are able to radiate Moonlight from yourself You emit bright light for 15 feet and 15 feet dim light and you and up to 6 friendly creatures in 30 feet radiance regains a 1d4 + your wisdom modifier. This becomes a 2d6 at 5th level 3d8 at 11th level and 4 d10 at 17th level. You have to complete a long rest before using this feature again

Avian godlike
Their heritage from the gods of the birds and sky is plain to see in their birdlike appearance. Quick and nimble they are difficult to pin down. Their eyes see far and wide.
Image: They have birdlike eyes feathers mix with their hair and some have even claws.
Avian godlike traits
Ability increase: Your dexterity is increased by 1
Bird eyes: Your considered proficient in the perception skill
Elusive quarry: You may add 1 to your AC and when you’re disengaging your opponent has disadvantage at the attack of opportunity role.

Beetle Godlike:
They are the blessed of the god beetle god Kephran. They are rather new to Pash-mara because the god Khepran has only recently awakened when the secrets of black powder where rediscovered. While Kephran is not wildly known at this time few parents recognize a child with his blessing which often results in accusations of witchcraft and the like.
Beetle godlike traits
Ability increase: you get +1 on your intelligence
Image: Your skin is on some parts covered with beetle exoskeletons most commonly this Armor is most often coloured green that changes to purple depending on how the light hits it. But kan also be black, yellow, blue, red of a combination of these colours. It can be anywhere on your body but mostly on the the arms and hair line of your face.
Natural Alchemy: you are considered proficient with alchemist tools
Exoskeleton: your base unarmoured DC is 11. You gain this because some parts of your body show pieces of beetle armor. You also gain resistance to acid type damage.



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