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Coastal gnome
“We expanded into the light-reflective coastal waters, and with it, we have become a species of our own.”
—Bixilbrop, Mayor

Millennia ago, your ancestors developed architectural ways to hang cities off of sea cliffs and under natural sea arches. When they needed yet more room to expand, they developed wondrous cities that stretch out on the water with canals instead of streets (much like Venice, Italy on Earth). This technological marvel uses magically enchanted buoyant foundations and clockwork structural supports. At the present age, Gnomes have expanded as far into the sea as their architectural knowledge allows them to. For several generations now, many Gnomes have spent their entire lives on these sea homes, leading to a genetically different sub-set of Gnomes now called Coastal Gnomes.

Coastal Gnomes’ skin tends to be tanner and more sun-drenched than the other sub-races of Gnomes. Their hair is sun-bleached blonde or brown. Their eyes are green, blue, or any combination of those two hues. Such a Gnome is a rare sight to behold, and if you see one, it is a good omen of travelling on water. Coastal Gnomes are considered much more attractive than other sub-races of Gnomes, especially to other Gnomes, as their supple, sea-salt skin is without blemish and stands up to the effects of ageing much better than other sub-races of Gnomes.
There are significant gusts of wind that come off the sea cliffs and small children learn early on how to move among the wind gusts, and eventually how to control them, if they wish to survive. However, spending your life on the water and in the sun has left you somewhat (psychologically) shaky on land.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Steady Gait. A childhood spent climbing and swimming in strong, gusty winds has given you a climbing and swimming speed equal to your walking speed. Also, you ignore difficult terrain caused by water effects.
Shape Air. You know the gust cantrip.
Water Magic Knowledge. The shape water cantrip, and the create or destroy water, control water, water walk, water breathing, wall of water, and watery sphere spells are all added to the list of potential spells that you can know and/or prepare. You cannot cast any of these spells as rituals unless any of your classes allow the use of ritual casting.
Inferior Darkvision. Millennia spent in the sun has decreased the efficiency of your darkvision. The range of your darkvision only extends 30 ft.



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