Former slave

Your earlier life was spent as a slave, working for the benefit of others. You may have been sold into slavery, condemned for a crime, or born into a situation from which few escape. Nevertheless, you are now free to travel and adventure, having earned or bought your freedom.

A slave is set to a task by their master for a reason– their purpose for even being alive.

1 I existed to do hard labor, such as mining or construction.
2 I existed for someone else’s amusement, entertainment, or recreation.
3 I existed to serve some dedicated menial task, such as cooking or cleaning.
4 I existed as the personal servant of a given person, family, or group.
5 I existed to fulfill the tasks of some professional assistant, such as a furnace operator for a smithy.
6 I existed to serve the function of an inanimate object, such as a signpost or furniture, or to operate such things, like opening and closing a specific door all day long.
7 I existed to fight and die in the place of someone else, as a soldier or bodyguard.
8 I existed to serve all, as an untouchable– a slave to even other slaves.

Skill Proficiencies
Survival, Insight
Tool Proficiencies
One set of artisan’s tools related to your former slave profession.
One language used by your former owners.
A set of common clothes, an artisan toolset of your choice, a pair of manacles, and a small bag containing 10gp worth of assorted coins.

Choose or roll on the following table to determine your former role as a slave.
1. Miner.
2. House servant.
3. Land worker.
4. Coach driver and groom.
5. Personal servant.
6. Guardsman.

Feature: Perseverance
The burden of servitude has taken its toll, making it hard to
relate to others especially in social settings. Yet, it also
strengthened your perseverance in the harshest situations.
As a former slave, choose one of the following features(a
player with the Human: Variant feat may not have choose
from this list):
• Vigilant: You can’t be surprised while you are
• Enduring: A full day without eating is considered
“half rations” for you.
• Fleet-Footed: You can attempt to hide even when
you are only lightly obscured.
• Light Fingers: You have advantage on all Sleight of
Hand (Dexterity) checks involving objects that can be
fully hidden in the palm of your hand.

Alternative feature.
Fitting In. As a former slave, you know the workings and ways of great households, castles, temples, and other institutions and locations. You can always immediately
locate the “worker’s” entrance to such a building or compound and, as long as your companions do not give the game away, can often talk your way inside. You can generally move about within such a location without notice, following the patterns and demeanours of working staff.

Suggested Characteristics
A slave, or former slave, usually has a downcast, subservient aura even after being freed. A former slave will tend to obey authority, fear those of high station, and avoid authority figures where possible.

d8 Personality Trait
1 No matter how bad things get, I never complain– I’ve seen worse.
2 I do not say anything unless someone says something to me.
3 I call everyone “Master” and “Lord” without thinking about it.
4 I try to hide as much of my body as possible.
5 I tend to disappear in a crowded room, becoming part of the backdrop with ease.
6 I am terrified of ropes, chains, and whips.
7 I do all kinds of basic chores and errands for those around me out of habit.
8 I am haunted by confusing memories and dreams about my life before slavery.

d6 Ideal
1 Equality. We all bleed red, we all suffer together. (Good)
2 Apathy. I only think about what is within my power. Anything else is just circumstance. (Neutral)
3 Spite. Those who would own others shall belong to me. (Evil)
4 Status Quo. Status is defined by clear rules which are the foundation of civilization. (Lawful)
5 Indifference. People are just people– who they are matters more than what they are. (Neutral)
6 Freedom Fighter. All slaves must be freed- by law, by coin, by shadow, or by blade. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I dream of returning to my homeland or family.
2 All I have left of my former life is this trinket.
3 My identity as a slave is marked on my body permanently as scars or tattoos.
4 I am in love with someone who is not a slave, possibly in my master’s house.
5 I know many secrets thanks to my innocuous presence in intimate social environments.
6 I heard a story about some grand place, and deeply want to go there.

1 I secretly liked being a slave.
2 My former master, or the law, will stop at nothing to have me executed.
3 I do not share my things with friends, and I will fight to keep personal belongings within my full control.
4 As a defense mechanism, I lie and misdirect everyone around me, and steal and hide anything I can.
5 I always say the truth when asked, even by an enemy.
6 When I am told to do something by an enemy, I might do it.
7 I cannot stop myself from reveling in material pleasures.
8 I am a coward.

Former slave

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