Former Orc slave

For 3 months you survived as an Orc slave, riding off of your
ability to stay away from Orcs in the mood to kill, and your strong
will to survive. After enduring the harsh treatment received by Orc
slaves, you escaped during the night with careful planning, great
instincts, and taking some items and gold from the Orcs. You
then reached safety, and recuperated. Now, it’s time to start over.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Survival
Extra Languages: Orcish

Hunting trap, lamp with oil in it, a set of common clothes
and a pouch containing 10 gp in it.

persistent endurance

You have physical endurance which is unmatched by many. You
have advantage when rolling a d20 to resist exhaustion. Also
— at the end of a day where you haven’t eaten, you may a roll,
without advantage, a CON save DC 10 + 2*(Consecutive days
of no food) to resist that day’s level of exhaustion. For example,
if you haven’t eaten in 4 days and have 1 exhaustion point…
Rolling a CON save 18 or higher prevents adding another
exhaustion point whereas rolling a CON save 17 or loiwer
would result in having a total of 2 exhaustion points.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits
1d8 Trait
1 I am usually on edge and always prepared to defend
2 I dislike doing menial physical labor as it reminds me
of being enslaved
3 I am very direct when talking to people
4 I struggle to maintain eye contact with people
5 I prefer to sit with my back away from crowds, usually
leaning on walls when I can
6 I look for way to assert myself from others when
settling into a new place
7 I am skittish and always prepared to run when
someone stronger becomes angered
8 I prefer to be in the dark

d6 Ideal
1 Protector: I don’t think anyone weak should be taken
advantage of or abused. (Good)
2 Power: If you are caught off-guard, or are weak, you will
become a pawn for someone more powerful – life is
about power not sympathy. (Evil)
3 Self-reliance: I really just want to be able to watch my
own back. (Neutral)
4 Civility: We must make sure that people follow laws to
prevent tragic events from happening. (Lawful)
5 Free spirit: I’ll be damned If I let myself be enslaved to
anything again. (Chaotic)
6 Aspiration: I’ve freed myself, and now it’s time to start
over, see what I can achieve. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 I want to rid the world of Orcs
2 I use a temporary identity due to memory loss during my
3 I want to help prevent the world from being engulfed in wars
4 I seek inner peace, enlightenment
5 I want to rid the world of slave trade and free all slaves
6 I want to build a safe haven for others

d6 Flaw
1 If I am in a battle against Orcs and the outlook is bleak, I will
2 I trust others far too easily when they declare they are
combating a similar enemy, especially Orcs
3 I always resort to violence or intimidation when in
confrontations with others
4 I was an alcoholic before I got captured by Orcs
5 I relive my experience as a slave in the form of flashbacks,
and even dream about it
6 I sometimes stray from plans and act on impulse

Former Orc slave

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