Personality Flamekin are passionate and fiery creatures. While often distracted and obsessive they are equally capable of happiness and estatic joy. This results in a passionate world that view leads many to brand Flamekin as zealots or naturally crazy. Less scrupulous folk are may consider Flamekin gullible they are liable to get fired up over just about anything worth discussing, though anger is not a common result within Flamekin debate.

Physical Description Flamekin are largely humanoid with wide-set shoulders, thick forearms, smooth joints and four fingers on each hand. Their skin is black with a smooth texture similar to coal. Flamekin faces appear purely coal black with deep orange, flamelike eyes that meld into the flames along the horns of their faces. If not paying close attention, another creature may assume they have no eyes at all, but instead hollow holes through their mask-like face giving view to the fires within. Where a human would find a neck and hair the Flamekin bear raging flames, appearing as though their heads float independent of their bodies. Along the edges of a Flamekin’s body, where their elemental flames burst forth, their skin takes a hardened jagged form similar to a crown reaching out in jagged and bent horns hugging the edges of the flames bursting from their bodies. A Flamekin’s fire doesn’t generally inhibit the use of clothing since Flamekin can lower the intensity of their flames at will, but Flamekin prefer to use cloth that has been treated against fire or heat.

  • Relations* Flamekin themselves are largely friendly toward others races only seeking friendship or entertainment with others. However most other mortal races have an innate fear of fire often leaving them unnerved at the sight of beings made of fire. The passionate views of the Flamekin make them unpredictable and hard to control. If pushed to anger by prejudice or aggression a Flamekin’s fire may become out of control, igniting whatever flammable objects or structures may be nearby. Many buildings have been burned to the ground on accident by enraged Flamekin in the past.
  • Alignment* Flamekin are passionate creatures of emotion that lean toward chaotic alignment. However they tend toward all extreme ends of the alignment spectrum more than neutrality. Lawful Flamekin are less common that other extremes but they are not unheard of.
  • Lands* Any that support life. Though deserts and cities in warmer climates are most common due to Flamekin requiring less water to survive than other races. The majority of Flamekin make their homes within small tribal villages within the desert and arid plains.

Religion Many Flamekin worship gods of Fire or Adventure.

Language Flamekin all speak Ignan, the language of fire elementals, and speak so among themselves.

Lifestyle Flamekin live about as long as Humans, but reach maturity at an earlier age and generally deteriorate more slowly than them. While Flamekin reach physical maturity at age 14 they are essentially sterile until approximately 5 years after, when a Flamekin has developed what is as an “Inner Flame” and is now able to breed. Developing one’s Inner Flame is a celebrated event in Flamekin society and is generally celebrated with a tribal dance and possibly marriage to a betrothed partner. Though if a partner has not developed their own flame it is customary for a pair to hold off on any ceremony. Flamekin can eat almost any non-poisonous organic material but require a diet higher in fat and sugars than proteins. Their common food is essentially never raw, always cooked or at least singed. Flamekin are nearly devout in their belief that cooked food and drink tastes best and argue this stance at any opportunity with others. Flamekin food is most commonly greasy, fatty, combination of cactus, rice, and meat seasoned with flowers and desert spices. Their drinks are usually non-alcoholic brews of water, flour, flowers, and a generous amount of plant sap. Flamekin clothing usually consists of light fabric mixed with clay made into tunics and sashes without trim. Any design on clothing is predominantly positioned in the middle of the cloth, shying away from edges. Hooks, loops, and clasps on Flamekin clothing are commonly made of stone, glass, or clay. Flamekin cloaks are actually just very long and wildly shaped scarves without a hood. Almost all Flamekin clothing is colored black, brown, orange, and green using dye made from tarred clay or plant flowers.

History Flamekin are originally from “Areban”, a place where the Elemental Plane of fire and molten rock touch the fea wyld. Areban is a place where Earth and Fire had merged in a swirling, burning land where nearly all creatures are some combination of Fire or Earth themselves. Its vegetated with the most fire resistan flowers of the fea wyld. The Flamekin lived a quiet, tribal, lifestyle on Areban; Until the Efreeti wanted to expand their power and holdings in the fea wyld.During this time many small tribes of Flamekin were forced into warfare or smuggeled or fled the fea wyld into Pash-Mara. Their Chaotic and good nature makes them closer to the inhabitants of the fea wyld then of the elemental plains of fire and earth. so they sided with the fea and after the war where fully accepted in the fea wyld

Race: Flamekin are fea elemental
Flamekin ability score increase +2 Charisma +1 Constitution *
Size Medium
base speed 30 feet

Flamekin traitss
Flamekin are proficient in the Survival skill.

Smolder (SU): A Flamekin knows the Produce Flame cantrip and Charisma is their casting stat for this ability. A Flamekin may use a bonus action to add produce flame’s damage to an attack, reducing Produce Flame’s damage dice to d4s. This may damage some weapons in the process. (If using 5e, consider using weapon hardness rules from 3.5 to determine if a weapon becomes damaged. Stacking D4’s of damage for each turn before an attack is made. Most metal will resist fire and has a hardness of 10, whereas wood is vulnerable to fire.)

Body of Open Flame (EX): A Flamekin has resistance to fire damage and is vulnerable to cold. When compared to other sources of magical fire, Flamekin suffer a unique weakness in that their fires take on a more open and unprotected form. As fire itself is not much of a difference to a Flamekin’s anatomy, they suffer the same weakness to dousing and extinguishing effects. A Flamekin constantly produces light as if casting Produce Flame centered on the Flamekin. Fire resistant cowls, scarves, hoods, and helms may be used to suppress a Flamekin’s light.

Soldier of a Forgotten War: Once slaves in both Ifritti territory squabbles and the War of the Dragon’s Scar the Flamekin were indentured into the mastery of three classes of warfare, these teachings are passed down through tradition. A Flamekin has proficiency with the Scimitar, Glaive, & Sling.

Fea Heritage: You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed. And magic can’t put you to sleep.

Languages: Ignan



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